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  3. i'm simply asking the questions the public wants to know.
I'm simply asking the questions the public wants to know.


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Family behind OxyContin knowingly deceived public about safety of the opioid drugs, court documents say. https://t.co/1zVuZlisxA
Flu cases spiking across the Commonwealth: What experts say you should know
Gutekunst will have to pay heed to the positions LaFleur wants to emphasize and traits the coach prefers at each position. https://t.co/sppT8V9Bbw
As of now, city council is still deliberating which of two city manager finalists to select ahead of a public symposium next week. Get to know them and what they've done for the Alamo City👇 https://t.co/y3XnXt0F82
Denver Public Health said they’re notifying the public because the adult was confirmed as contagious with measles from Jan. 9th to Jan. 14th of 2019. Included in this story is a list of locations and times where people could have been exposed to measles. https://t.co/6651gNVnAn
Know a high school athlete who’s committed to giving back to the youth in their communities? Nominate them for the #IAMSPORT2019 Award! The winner will be announced at the #KnoxSportsAwards in May. https://t.co/kPGHBcEvQW
4 minutes
The public domain is like water, its "value depends on it being refreshed, replenished, and accessible," via @CenDemTech for #CopyrightWeek https://t.co/4jcfUpms9O
Here's what you need to know about the latest scam hitting the area.
Lamar Jackson Tells Ray Lewis He Wants To Be The “Tom Brady of Baltimore” (VIDEO) @terezowens https://t.co/IMxuvpEPRS
11 minutes
NEW DETAILS: We now know the name of the man accused of hitting several cars while driving intoxicated in Lexington Wednesday morning. https://t.co/XqGiFWrTqH
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