I ugly cried during Serena & Naomi’s match and took a day to process. Serena was every woman I know standing up for themselves, having to point out misogyny, having to get the job done, and then making sure the woman coming behind you is supported despite the discrimination faced

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Five staff members gone. A sixth on leave and unlikely to come back.

Hard-liners and ultra conservatives are widely expected to win a majority in Iran's parliamentary elections

The aircraft was to carry a large consignment of medical supplies to China and bring back more Indians from Wuhan. #CoronavirusOutbreak 

UPDATE: A federal judge granted the city of Costa Mesa a temporary restraining order to block the CDC from its plans to transfer up to 50 coronavirus patients to the city's Fairview Developmental Center this weekend.

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Britons on the coronavirus-hit Diamond Princess cruise ship are spotted boarding a flight from Japan to the UK

The “war” between jilbab or Arabic-influenced clothing and kebaya risks the danger of making us forget that essentially it is women’s rights and freedom of expression that we have to fight for. #jakpost  #opinion 

'It's felt life-ruining': flat owners face huge bills for new cladding

Turn your truck into a snowmobile this winter

State TV reports Iranian mayor tests positive for coronavirus, official denies report

The funeral of #JosephShabalala  is underway. Watch the coverage on DStv 403 and on Courtesy#DStv403