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@NYTimes reporter covering national politics & social justice issues. Formerly of @USATODAY. @Georgetown & @NYUNewsDoc alum. Email: yamiche@nytimes.com

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I’ll be on @MSNBC’s @hardball in two minutes. Tune in!
I’m coming up on @NewsHour in a few minutes to talk about President Trump’s support for the First Step Act and why some Democrats are opposing the bill.
Mira Ricardel is OUT. Sarah Sanders: Ricardel “will continue to support the President as she departs the White House to transition to a new role within the Administration. The President is grateful for Ms. Ricardel’s continued service to the American people...”
President Trump now urging lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to pass the First Step Act. "This is a big breakthrough for a lot of people...I'll be waiting with a pen...It's the right thing to do."
The White House says the following people are at the WH as Pres Trump announces his support for the First Step Act:

Senator Chuck Grassley, IA
Senator Rand Paul, KY
Senator Lindsey Graham, SC
Senator Tim Scott, SC
Senator Mike Lee, UT
Rep Doug Collins, GA
Rep Bob Goodlatte, VA
President Trump says the First Step Act undoes some of the things passed in the 1994 crime bill signed by former President Bill Clinton.
President Trump: We know that maintaining family and community ties is important. We are getting tougher on criminals but we are treating people differently.
President Trump on First Step Act: It's got tremendous support. We are all better off when former inmates can enter society and be productive.
President Trump now speaking from the WH about criminal justice reform. "Did I hear the word bipartisan?...It's a first step but it's a big first step."
I went t @NationalActiono ’s event on the Hill featuring several lawmakers. None of the lawmakers I talked w/ were elated about First Step Act which Pres. Trump plans to support. The main sticking points: federally restoring felon voting rights & retroactive sentence reductions.
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