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@NYTimes reporter covering national politics & social justice issues. Formerly of @USATODAY. @Georgetown & @NYUNewsDoc alum. Email: yamiche@nytimes.com

Latest Scoops

Wow. The NFL Is Investigating Jameis Winston For Allegedly Groping An Uber Driver In 2016 https://t.co/p8cS2HyLnX via @talalnansari
Our story by @NYTnickc: Mistrial Is Declared in Corruption Trial of Senator Menendez https://t.co/YIFcrTuUql
UPDATED by @npfandos: Senator Al Franken Accused of Groping a Woman in 2006 https://t.co/Zqo9uUFtNd
Sen. Kristen Gillibrand: This is a really important fight and one that all of us have to fight for.
Sen. Gillibrand: There is a serious sexual harassment problem in Congress...Congress should never play by its own rules.
Sen. Gillibrand and Rep. Speier are discussing sexual harassment right now. Both are introducing bills that would change the way sexual harassment is dealt with on the Hill and would shorten the often three month waiting period to file a claim through the Office of Compliance.
“Unsafe and Just Plain Dirty”: Women Accuse Vice of “Toxic” Sexual Harassment Culture https://t.co/SKmKhqGWlL via @thedailybeast
Paul Ryan in my inbox: "Going forward, the House will adopt a policy of mandatory anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training for all Members and staff."
Wow! Read this Buzz Feed story. Secret Finding: 60 Russian Payments "To Finance Election Campaign Of 2016” https://t.co/PnJvi6y4cA via @JasonLeopold
Gloria Lett, Counsel for Office of House Employment Counsel on current sexual harassment process: "I think it is a very effective process...I think it works very effectively to address sexual harassment.”
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