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@NYTimes reporter covering national politics & social justice issues. Formerly of @USATODAY. @Georgetown & @NYUNewsDoc alum. Email: yamiche@nytimes.com

Latest Scoops

Super honored to be one of @TheRoot 100 this year. A list with @tanehisicoates and @IssaRae is everything and more. https://t.co/I6m0TMcFZJ
This is the risk that Dems are taking on by brokering a deal with Trump. It's also why members of the Congressional Hispanics Caucus worry.https://t.co/eSAYabkL9m
Catching up on what's happening? Read this: Former St. Louis Officer Acquitted in Shooting of Black Driver https://t.co/cypppa8Yd0
I'm on @MeetThePress Daily. Tune in.
Clay Travis is trying to get Jemele Hill fired by referencing women's breasts. Just let that mess sink in.
A must read. How a bill requiring Florida nursing homes to have backup AC died https://t.co/tgA06USEXK via @TB_Times
This chaotic day on DACA explained by @SherylNYT and me: https://t.co/qP7Tl7g6Ep
Republicans on Hill all day are doing backflips trying to explain how a path toward citizenship is not contradicting Trump campaign promise.
Now This: Trump Confirms Support for Law to Protect ‘Dreamers’ https://t.co/7rQNlteiQF
"Amnesty Don" is trending, everyone. My question: Will that change Trump's mind by 8 am?
Pelosi and Schumer Say They Have Deal With Trump to Replace DACA But WH Has Different Understanding w/ @maggieNYT https://t.co/U3QS6LRVBJ
The WH press secretary is now saying "Chuck" and "Nancy" got it wrong and funding the wall is still an option.
The 1st time Trump made a deal on funding govt w/ "Nancy" & "Chuck," Repubs sat shocked in WH

Now, w/ DACA deal Repubs weren't even in room
There's a DACA deal. The President & leaders have agreed to pair the bipartisan DREAM Act with some border security, excluding the wall.
Reader claims as a Miami native & child of Haitian immigrants that I have no "claim" to black experience in US.

Please take several seats.
Latest w/ @GlennThrush: Sen Scott lectured Pres Trump on 300 yrs of racism & called Trump’s VA response “sterile" https://t.co/rlt0yrRiXe
Wow. Insane. Martin Shkreli to Be Jailed for Seeking a Hair From Hillary Clinton via @NYTimes https://t.co/nHt4U7V0MI
The White House just sent out a photo of Senator Tim Scott meeting with President Trump. They call him, "Tom Scott."
Tim Scott says he & Pres. Trump didn't discuss HBCUs but did talk of poverty & businesses. (Omarosa wasn't in meeting if you're wondering.)
Tim Scott was also "excited" that President "was receptive, that he was ever present during the entire meeting" & that Trump stayed on topic
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