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Congressional Black Caucus Chair Karen Bass says, “The President’s proposal is yet another example of his willingness to use the well-being of Black and brown communities as a political pawn.”
Acting WH Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney: “I absolutely still believe that a national emergency is still a tool that is available to the president but, he’s been candid and very public in saying, it’s not his preferred course of action.”
Another important thing to note: VP Pence said that he and others have been talking to “rank and file” Democrats and got the idea to add TPS and DACA from those conversations. Translation: The WH is looking for Dems to break ranks with Pelosi and Schumer and support Trump’s plan.
I’ll be on @MSNBC in a few minutes. Tune in!
Jared Kushner on Trump: "He’s spoken many times about the Dreamers in different ways and I think he would like to see our immigration system fixed.”
Jared Kushner: "I think the president feels like the country is tired of posturing on both sides. He thinks there are a lot of reasonable people who want to see a compromise that moves us forward."
Mick Mulvaney blaming Dems if ppl don't get paid next week: “If the bill is filibustered on Tues, & we do not get a motion to proceed, ppl will not get paid. I will be very curious to see how the Democrats--especially in the Senate--choose to deal w/ this piece of legislation.”
Acting WH Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney: “I absolutely still believe that a national emergency is a tool available to the president but it’s not his first choice.”
VP Pence pushing back on conservative backlash: “This is not an amnesty bill….There is no amnesty in the president's proposals. There is no pathway to citizenship.” He added that that President Trump’s proposal is a “sincere effort” to make a compromise.
Me to Pence: Why should ppl trust Trump not to deport DACA & TPS recipients in 3 yrs since he said some are from “shithole” countries & brought AIDS to US? Pence: I take issue w/ characterization of president’s remarks & the president readily included TPS & DACA in his proposal.
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