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@NYTimes reporter covering national politics & social justice issues. Formerly of @USATODAY. @Georgetown & @NYUNewsDoc alum. Email: yamiche@nytimes.com

Latest Scoops

My last TV hit of the day: I’ll be on @msnbc in 2 mins talking with @KatyTurNBC about President Trump’s week. Tune in!
So many questions for President Trump today but he just walked past dozens of reporters—myself included— without taking questions on the South Lawn of the White House. He’s off to spend a weekend in NJ now.
Senior Republican Senate source tells me this today on Dir of National Intelligence Dan Coats: "He’s widely respected & regarded. He was a senator not once but twice. Smart thoughtful & with deep ties to the Senate on both sides of the aisle. He was also ambassador to Germany."
I’m on @Morning_Joe this hour. Tune in as a we discuss the latest on President Trump and Russian election interference.
A must read: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called President Trump after the 2016 election to congratulate the Trump team on its victory and successful campaign, which spent millions of dollars on advertising with Facebook. https://t.co/7qzwZbUWGy
Here’s the nine page plan they mention: https://t.co/MIVTFZVZ1D
My inbox just now from HHS: Read the Trump Administration Plan for Reunifying Children
My Q: Does the president see election interference in 2016 & possibly in midterms as an attack on American democracy or just political opponents?
Sarah Sanders: We're making bold reforms to try to fix this and make sure it never happens again because we take it seriously.
Sarah Sanders: We want to do everything in our power to protect the integrity of our elections.
Sarah Sanders: The president has made clear to President Putin that he should stay out of US elections.
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