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President Trump says he thought about doing a veto but that "gains of the military"convinced him to sign it.

Note: If Trump vetoed the bill, he would have plunged the government into a shutdown all by himself while Dems and Repubs on the hill said this was a compromise bill.
President Trump says no one is more disappointed in the spending bill than him.

However, my inbox is full of immigration advocates and Dreamer supporters also expressing deep disappointment in the bill.
President Trump said he wanted to build a big beautiful wall, over and over again.

Today, he says that there are parts of the border that need to be "see through."
President Trump continuing to argue that Democrats didn't work to get DACA in the bill gets at the frustration that many Dreamers have with both Trump and Dem leaders. At the end of the day, government didn't get it together to have DACA fixed or make immigration changes.
"I say to Congress, I will never sing another bill like this again...We have to get rid of the filibuster rule if we are going to have really sustained continued success," Trump says as he readies to sign spending bill.
In house pool at the White House just got called into a press availability so it seems President Trump will be talking to a small group of poolers. Unclear if Sarah Sanders will brief reporters still.
I'm excited to work with you too! See you soon.
Big news this morning for @PBS @NewsHour. @JudyWoodruff is officially our solo anchor and @Nawazistan and @nickschifrin are our newest correspondents. Excited about this growth. Read all about it: https://t.co/B371rYj8Q0
EXCLUSIVE: Fired FBI official authorized criminal probe of Sessions, sources say - ABC News - https://t.co/GiQpqyhZ1v via @ABC
Thanks so much Hardball! :)
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