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Highlight: @danielhowley  reviews the new $AAPL iPhone 12 released today:

Highlight: “We’re headed towards a super spike in oil prices in late 2021,” Canary LLC's @DanEberhart  says. “Capital spending in the industry is down 50 or 60 percent year over year. … Once you see demand tick up a little bit, the supply is not going to be able to keep up.”

Highlight: While “our last economic impact report and the latest unemployment figures are showing continued economic uncertainty, ... there are some areas of the local economy which are showing some promising signs of adaptability,” @Yelp  VP of Data Science@JustinJDN  says.

Highlight: “We still don’t have good programs for testing, tracing, and isolating,” @StanfordDeptMed 's Dr. Aruna Subramanian says. “You’d think we would be ready for it by now, but I think there’s a bit of fatigue setting in and we are seeing [COVID-19 case] numbers going up.”

Highlight: "We're gonna start seeing the shift away from these mega-cap tech companies, moving towards some of your smaller companies," @realloreeng  says. "We're gonna see small caps outperform" soon, she adds. More:

Highlight: “There’s about four catalysts that are driving the markets right now, and it’s really in order of operations,” @usbank  Sr. Investment Dir. @wtnorthey  says. “We’re looking at the virus and then economics, policy, ... corporate fundamentals, and investor sentiment.”

Highlight: @AmeshAA  notes that many hospitals didn't prepare adequately for another surge the lull in cases, adding: "There was a lot of magical thinking going on." Also talks about COVID-19 treatments. More:

Highlight: Beer rating app @untappd 's @gregavola  on how his startup helps people discover new breweries:

Highlight: @bollingermotors  Founder and CEO Robert Bollinger: "We definitely had had a lot of SPAC interest... [but] it wasn't quite the right time for us." More:

Quibi shuts down: Why the $1.75 billion streaming app failed by @readDanwrite 

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Highlight: @readDanwrite  asks @drewbrees  what the star NFL quarterback thinks about "players kneeling again when the NFL season starts." @drewbrees : “I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country.” Full exchange:

Highlight: Mattel to model dolls and more after boyband . "I think that a lot of these toy makers are trying to figure out what the future will be like without Toys 'R' Us," says .

Highlight: "We are a company of pop culture junkies," CEO says. "We are fans ourselves." Some newer Pops include , , and . Full interview:

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Domino's Pizza unveils U.S. infrastructure project filling potholes by @aarthiswami 

Highlight: partners with to create dolls and more. "In this case, you can't downplay the super-fandom that is BTS fans," notes.

Highlight: Buffett on why he sold $6B in airline stock: "I just decided that I made a mistake in valuing... The companies we bought were well-managed... I don't know whether two or three years from now that as many people will fly as many passenger miles as they did." #YFBuffett 

How Venezuela became 'the cocaine capital of the world':

'Odourless' cannabis nearly ready for market, Canadian firm claims by @jefflagerquist 

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