yvette nicole brown

yvette nicole brown

Just a scripted-line saying, game show playing, TV show talking, notebook hawking super nerd! #StayWoke ❤✊?

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#ReproductiveFreedom is about the freedom to decide what happens to your own body. Millions of us agree that is fundamental, but a motivated minority of politicians are trying to take it away. And that’s not something I will tolerate.

On August 12, 2017, a member of the alt-right murdered #HeatherHeyer . On August 12, 2019 the whistleblower revealed the latest of Tang’s crimes. #August12th  is my birthday. Lately that is the only thing worth celebrating on that day. #sheesh 

I got goosebumps too! And seeing Whoopi smile from the heart like that is like Christmas morning!

Just heard on @MSNBC  that many Senators paid no attention to the House Impeachment proceedings last month. What @RepAdamSchiff  and his fellow managers are doing by breaking down Tang’s crimes methodically with visual aids may turn out to be game changing.

Hey @WellsFargo  can you please explain to me why I have to FIGHT to get MY money placed back into my account, when it was YOUR bank ATM that was skimmed allowing a thief to walk off with three hundred of my hard earned dollars? I’m not playing these games. #RunMeMyMoney  NOW!

*sigh* Since everybody & their play cousin is all up in my banking decisions let me tell you all at once: I keep a little play money in @WellsFargo  because their (skimmed) ATMs are everywhere. My REAL money is at a credit union AND black owned bank #ForTheCulture  .

I don’t endorse them. They are trash.

Any Senator who walks out during the proceedings should be locked out and not allowed to vote on anything else during the Impeachment Trial. That will keep those complicit jokers in their seats & drinking milk.


This one has broken me. I am broken. @RepCummings  was a lion. A fierce warrior for justice. He was principled and kind. His spirit was pure & his moral compass was true. He will be GREATLY missed. This one really, really hurts. #RIPSir  #ElijahCummings 

This is not mental illness. This is racism. This is xenophobia. This is hate. Call it what it is: #DomesticTerrorism  Call him what he is: #WhiteNationalist  #ElPasoShooter 

Most black actresses come to a new set w/ their hair done (me) or bring their wigs & clip-ins w/them. It’s either that or take a chance that you will look crazy on screen. Many of us also bring our own foundation. One too many times seeing no shade that matches you will learn ya!

Zero chill. You hear me? The internet has #ZeroChill ! 😂

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We have lost quite a few smart, principled Democratic candidates and nary a vote has been cast. Let that marinate. The voters didn’t decide this outcome, pundits and polls did. Our election system needs a complete overhaul.

Who would you be supporting in the democratic primary if there were no polls? The 500 people they randomly poll do NOT speak for you. Remember that. Nor do polls tell the truth about what’s to come. What they MAY do is dampen support for certain candidates. Is that the goal?

Real talk, I’m from Cleveland & everyone in my family was told that we were Erie on our grandmother’s side. I proudly told dang near everyone I ever met. I was “six years ago” years old when @ancestry  told me #Nope ! Folks need to lay off @elizabethforma  about that for real for real.

I am not of Latin descent. I am not a refugee. I have health insurance I can afford & a tax bill I can manage. I am not a member of the LGBTQ community & I make enough to not need public assistance. But I #Vote  like I am or need all of those things. You should too. #WeAreAmerica 

Unbothered. Unbroken. Unbowed. ✊🏾❤️

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Lemme make it clear, #BlackLivesMatter  is a peaceful group formed to ask folks to stop killing us. The Nazis & KKK are the ones who want to.