yvette nicole brown

yvette nicole brown

Just a scripted-line saying, game show playing, TV show talking, notebook hawking super nerd! #StayWoke ❤✊?

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Dear disgruntled and disappointed followers: I am a one. I own it. And that’s why I don’t eat chicken wings or dark meat period. Veins and gristle are not my jam. Give me a nice A-cup chicken breast and ya girl is HAPPY! We good? We should be good. 😂 #LoveYall 

@Felonious_munk  Truly! You gotta stay in it with the ones you love. We are constantly evolving as people. “What do you need from me today, babe?” Is a beautiful question to ask your love. Ask and mean it.

Ha! Show them #DrakeAndJosh  I’ll win them back! 😂❤️

The sweetest thing to me about dogs is this: they are just happy to be wherever you are. That’s love. ❤️ #ThankYouHarley  #HeRescuedMe  #MisterHarleyBrown 

*sigh* For those confused or who think I am... I wasn’t saying wings were dark meat. I was listing wings AND dark meat as the two parts of the chicken I don’t eat.

Listen here, Miss @NancyPelosi  walked BACK to that mic to make it CLEAR not to TRY HER! Whoo! I love this woman! She broke it down and it shall forever be BROKEN! #LemmeTellYouWhatYaNOTGonDoEALness '>#LemmeTellYouWhatYaNOTGonDoEALness !!!

@creatingkelsi  @hollyrpeeteI  am so sorry this is happening to you. ❤️ This shouldn’t happen to ANYONE! They act as if REAL people are not affected by their cruelty. But then again, they love being cruel. Cruelty is the point. @realDonaldTrumpSHAME !

If you missed out on seeing my screenwriting debut #AlwaysABridesmaid ! It’s on @BET  at 4pm today...so East Coast it’s on RIGHT NOW!

It is so SURREAL to watch humans that came out of my brain “fall in love” on my television. Lol! I am so proud to have written #AlwaysABridesmaid ! ❤️ Thank you @BET  for airing it again. It’s on now, guys!

Every time I watch #AlwaysABridesmaid  I am reminded how so many of these FEELS are courtesy of #MatthewHead  and his BEAUTIFUL score! Thanks @MattHeadMusic , #ThankYou ! Can you please ORCHESTRATE my LIFE?! ❤️


This one has broken me. I am broken. @RepCummings  was a lion. A fierce warrior for justice. He was principled and kind. His spirit was pure & his moral compass was true. He will be GREATLY missed. This one really, really hurts. #RIPSir  #ElijahCummings 

This is not mental illness. This is racism. This is xenophobia. This is hate. Call it what it is: #DomesticTerrorism  Call him what he is: #WhiteNationalist  #ElPasoShooter 

Most black actresses come to a new set w/ their hair done (me) or bring their wigs & clip-ins w/them. It’s either that or take a chance that you will look crazy on screen. Many of us also bring our own foundation. One too many times seeing no shade that matches you will learn ya!

Who would you be supporting in the democratic primary if there were no polls? The 500 people they randomly poll do NOT speak for you. Remember that. Nor do polls tell the truth about what’s to come. What they MAY do is dampen support for certain candidates. Is that the goal?

Unbothered. Unbroken. Unbowed. ✊🏾❤️

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I am not of Latin descent. I am not a refugee. I have health insurance I can afford & a tax bill I can manage. I am not a member of the LGBTQ community & I make enough to not need public assistance. But I #Vote  like I am or need all of those things. You should too. #WeAreAmerica 

I love how @RepAdamSchiff  doesn’t even entertain @DevinNunes’ crazy any more. He just lets that tinfoil hat wearing fool drone on about aliens, rainbows and acid rain and then calmly begins the actual proceedings. #ImpeachmentHearings 

Let me say this one mo’ ag’in... I will vote for whosoever wins the Democratic Nomination. I will vote & cape for them like they were always my first & ONLY choice. But in this here primary season I will kick EVERY tire & speak up about the mess I see. And I see MESS! Got it?

Lemme make it clear, #BlackLivesMatter  is a peaceful group formed to ask folks to stop killing us. The Nazis & KKK are the ones who want to.

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me. Dammit. Damn it ALL to hell. She was ROBBED. ❤️ @ava  #WhenTheySeeUs