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⬇️Today in Hip-Hop⬇️

Boogie Down Productions drop off their 'Edutainment' album. What's the best song from the project?

"I'm coming down Melrose/Running a checkup for cardio/Smoking Luigi eating that Mario's/Ok then let's see how far we go/Off the s**ts when I'm in the studio/Tripping on acid with Rufio/Minds turn into kaleidoscopes"—Buddy https://t.co/8GFllQrBKE
Looks like a new Bas and J. Cole song could be on the way soon https://t.co/VHx0zM81aI
Looks like @chancetherapper will be releasing the follow-up to his 2016 project ‘Coloring Book’ this week https://t.co/LHPyzCs4zK
⬇️Today in Hip-Hop⬇️

@Nas drops off his 'Life Is Good' album. What's the best song from this LP?

In case you missed it 🎶 https://t.co/HP3EZXiPN3
The beloved power couple are raking in the big bucks 🤑 https://t.co/SZCPbEBlOt
"[Rick Ross] was just waiting for me to get these cases behind me and start focusing on this music. So we got a couple of other songs that we finna' release—it's dope" https://t.co/JALS5fOrDN
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