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China punishes 7,199 officials, including a ministerial-level official, in May for violating austerity rules https://t.co/QxKG8XTLNY
Overseas experts laud Xi's speech on China's foreign policy. China is now "at the center" of all major global affairs, said Jim O'Neill, former Goldman Sachs chief economist. More: https://t.co/fvlOVuidKN
With the women driving ban lifted in Saudi Arabia for the first time, a number of job opportunities such as policewomen and saleswomen will be available to decrease the women unemployment rate, now at 33 percent https://t.co/1GILPo7PTX
Nearly 12,000 Chinese tourists have visited Tunisia this year until May, playing an important role in reviving the tourism in the north African country https://t.co/sftwFbKwmw
"No good food, no medicine, no clean bathroom and no electricity," a displaced Yemeni fleeing the war in Hodeidah says that the authorities in Sanaa promise to meet the refugees' needs, but nothing happens https://t.co/q5oHOyBvIz
After the Trump administration threatened to slap additional tariffs on goods from U.S. major trading partners, grievances have been aired on its home turf https://t.co/0kyZmKKTXG
With #MidnightSun and moon overhead, people on Seurasaari island in #Helsinki danced overnight in the year's longest day in the Nordics.
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China will lower some banks' reserve requirement ratios by 50 basis points on July 5 to support qualified debt-to-equity swap programs and help small businesses in financing https://t.co/hIXKLE98Xq
People in #Vilnius, capital of #Lithuania, celebrated #Solstice2018 with the Rasos Festival
Zimbabwean president condemns attempt on his life; vows to continue with campaign for July 30 elections https://t.co/yMaLCd23H1
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