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How does House of Troubadours in Santiago de Cuba preserve roots of Cuban music? Click to read feature story https://t.co/sJYLWhx91j
In century-old house in Santiago de Cuba, tunes & voices almost never stop as they keep alive tradition of troubadours, roots of Cuban music
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Two-way visits between China, Switzerland soar by 12 pct year-on-year during first 3 quarters of this year, to 1.2 mln
Frost, rains, icy roads after heavy snowfall cause major travel disruption across large parts of Britain on #BlackIceMonday https://t.co/fq0AtSilIo
29 trips; 58 countries & major international, regional organizations; five continents. The Xi-style diplomacy in the past five years has won him the title of “chief diplomat” of China. https://t.co/jxXALEN1mu
Over 730,000 acres (2954 square km) of land in the Golden State has been burnt by #wildfires since Jan.1, 2017, and the state's five-year average of burnt land area is 200,000 acres (809 square km). https://t.co/0KVs4edfN0
Update o #NYCn subway explosion: Officials say blast was "attempted terrorist attack. " Perpetrator, 27-year-old male, used low-tech explosive device, and is seriously injured. 3 others suffer minor injuries
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Top political advisor calls for peaceful reunification across Taiwan Strait, shared aspiration of all Chinese https://t.co/knWNqYGISC
Iraq stages military parade in Baghdad's heavily fortified #GreenZone to celebrate final victory over #IslamicState
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Update o #NYCn explosion: New York City Fire Departme @FDNYnt says a total of 4 injuries reported at scene of explosion at Port Authority. All injuries are non-life-threatening
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