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Turkey strongly condemned the Dutch parliament's motion of recognizing Armenian "genocide" under Ottoman Empire in 1915, a term Ankara has all along rejected to describe this controversial event https://t.co/rXC9CQwZ7H
Beaker Folks, they changed the whole Britain -- DNA study https://t.co/eo6anegbQB
To work for a great modern socialist country: China to revise the oath of allegiance to the Constitution taken by people in public office to add the adjectives "great" and "modern" before "a socialist country" https://t.co/8IsMA4pSZ8
British couple kidnapped from popular tourist spot in South Africa. No links to terrorism were yet found https://t.co/T9koL0dpvo
Anti-depressants do work. Major study confirms effects of anti-depression drugs, though their effects vary https://t.co/6ViVbP33lI
Fighting continues in Syria's #Ghouta, #UN Security Council considering a resolution demanding a 30-day humanitarian ceasefire across the Mideast country https://t.co/JibjZdbJJb
- China's UN envoy urges to solve Syria crisis https://t.co/qjy5PplGyq
- Chinese lantern exhibition held in Brussels https://t.co/bjcX3WCGqL
- Chinese scientists find how bats carry viruses without getting sick https://t.co/inZlgrkz3g
'@Airbus delivers an A320neo plane, which is the 8,000th A320 Family aircraft, to Air China at its Tianjin Delivery Center
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Watch how Chinese armed police arrest terrorist on an island in a drill
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Russia pays IOC $15 mln to restore Russian Olympic Committee's membership deprived of due to doping scandal https://t.co/BbS9XtNfCe
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