Hill Putting John / Ukraine Lies Wrong Newspaper

The Hill SO SORRY For Putting John Solomon’s Ukraine Lies In Wrong Section Of Newspaper, We Good? by @commiegirl1 

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Hill Putting John / Ukraine Lies Wrong Newspaper

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NEW: Dr. Fauci just told me it is "absolutely not true" that he was excluded from today's WH briefing. "It was just a matter of how many ppl you want up there & the subject matter was much more suited to the Surgeon General & the Director of the CDC. There is no problem at all."

Three countries in Southeast AsiaThailand, Cambodia and Myanmar — are using fears over the coronavirus to double down on repressive measures aimed at silencing critics or opponents.

'We are in the middle of a crisis and we need to act like it!' — These nurses are fighting to protect their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic

Trump digs in on total opposition to mail in voting. Everybody will have to go in person with voter ID.

This bus driver recorded a warning about COVID-19 — and less than two weeks later, he died from the virus

When did Dr. Anthony Fauci first know that novel coronavirus was going to be something serious? In early-to-mid January, he tells @JudyWoodruff , "it became clear to me that this was not just another SARS, it wasn't another MERS ... this was different."

Trump bans US companies from exporting needed medical supplies

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President Trump: "The professionals did the model. I was never involved in a model...this kind of model."

Dr. Birx says that if another major metropolitan area has a coronavirus epidemic like New York City's, it would "dramatically change" the model for projected deaths as well as "the reality of the impact of this virus on Americans"