Propaganda or whatever, we guess.

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Is Acting DNI Ric Grenell A Literal Actual Foreign Agent Like Michael Flynn? No, He Couldn't Possibly! via @EvanHurst 

Possibly vulnerable to blackmail? Maybe lied to Congress? Sounds like a Trump intel official to us!

James O'Keefe EXPOSES ABC News Reporter As Thoughtful Journalist, So Obviously ABC Suspended Him by @DoktorZoom 

Feel like we've seen this movie before.

Dr. Ronny Pretty Sure Joe Biden Can't Pick Out 'Camel' As Good As Bodybuilder Jesus Trump Can! by @SER1897 


Imagine what Jeb would say if Obama had said #stuffhappens  the other night? Or after 4 Americans died in Benghazi.

Can Somebody Hold Nancy Pelosi's Beer While She Dick-Punches Trump Some More? via @EvanHurst 

Dear Pissed-Off High School Kids: If Adults Threaten To Punish You For Protesting, FUCKING DO IT ANYWAY via

We look forward to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who cried about a mean lady making fun of her eyeshadow, explaining that "Horseface" is not sexist

Sarah Palin's Son Just Got Arrested For Assaulting A Woman. Again. -- by @RobynElyse 

Brett Kavanaugh Just Made Susan Collins A Liar ZOcpYy8I6w by @RobynElyse 

Remember how Trump "won" by 70,000 votes in three specific states? Weird, huh. Wonder what Paul Manafort's spy friend did with that polling data Manafort kept passing along.