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Happy 1⃣st birthday to our Friends & Patrons! 🎉🎉
Here's to you, because your support is vital to help us enrich people’s lives through music, nurture tomorrow’s artists, & make our extraordinary building open to as many people as possible. Thank you!
Dear @Sling @slinganswers: I'm unable to use the app with IOS 12. Will there be any updates? I'm reading that it's been a few months. Any news or guidance? Thank you! #Sling
RT @RalphGoodale: In Dunrobin today w @karenmccrimmon @redcrosscanada @Eli_ElChantiry touring one of the communities deeply affected by the weekend’s tornadoes. Thank you to the courageous first responders and the community for coming together & supporting https://t.co/jd9yVCRsBJ
Did you participate in the Viva CalleSJ 5K or open streets program this past Sunday ?!? Check-out some the event photos HERE: https://t.co/BfmQzO5hZy.

Thank you to @VivaCalleSJ for hosting a great event that welcomed folks of all ages and abilities! #AgeFriendlySJ
29 Plain Language Summaries of @cochranecollab Reviews translated in the past week! Thank you to all our amazing translators globally! Find out more about Cochrane translations here: https://t.co/A5HGcFdlIE #translationtuesday @CochraneLingual
3 years ago today, it was announced that UK resident & Guantanamo prisoner Shaker Aamer would be freed after 13 years in detention. He was never charged with any crime. Thank you to everyone who never stopped calling for justice. Together we are powerful. https://t.co/RNiBsNFZGo
@HBO Thank you for spreading the word about using your voice this election. Hungry kids can't vote, but we can use our voices for them. #NoKidHungry
You are! Incredible woman! Thank you for this important work!
Dear God, Today I woke up. I am healthy. I am alive. Thank You, I apologize for all my complaining. I'm truly grateful for all You've done.
Thread of the Day l What is typical response to "Thank you email" post interview? l Pre-Dental
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