World Changing Women

You cannot always wait for the perfect time. Sometimes you must dare to jump.

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Apparently his tweet was deleted, but I am glad now he is aware that the problem existed. I appreciate your help and understanding Mr. Hashimoto. No distinction between clean and dirty. Very dangerous and scary.

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The Democratic candidates wasted little time in going after newcomer Mike Bloomberg -- and each other -- in the liveliest debate this primary season:

Warren counterattacks and leaves Mayor B on the ropes. She's good.

The notion that millennials are into socialism is total horseshit

it shouldn’t be this hard to survive man. my heart hurts for his family & team. God bless.

One man's triumphant journey from sex newbie to orgy king.

Turns out, two World's Strongest Man winners have a definition of 'light' that is not light for almost anyone else.

Radiation has been linked to lower sperm counts, headaches, and even cancer.