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ESPN story with @espn_macmahon on Dennis Smith and Mavericks.
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😲 Incredible offload from Manasa Mataele. An early contender for offload of the day 🏆

@crusadersrugby are in charge against @Hurricanesrugby. They lead 24-0 at half-time in Christchurch.

Second-half coming soon on @SkySports Action. #CRUvHUR
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Ochocinco helped out a fan who was facing eviction. Real one 🙏
Last week during the #SeattleSnowpocalypse we lost power and had to get creative with my gaming options.
Happy birthday to @Midoahm! 🇪🇬🎉

His best goal in ⚪️🔴⚪️ = _________🖊
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This dad mic’d up his 4-year-old at hockey practice 🤣

(via @howtohockey)
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⚽️🎉 What. A. Finish! LEO MESSSSSIII!
#SevillaBarça (1-1)
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#MUFC legends Nemanja Vidic and @RioFerdy5 dial in for the ULTIMATE team talk ahead of Liverpool!
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Ben Simmons wasn’t having it with Nurkic: “You talk a lot of s--t for being ass” 😳 *NSFW*
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The war of Pennsylvania rages on.

Tonight's battle: #StadiumSeries.
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