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The Raptors are resting Kawhi Leonard in Washington tonight, team says.
Sources: Among the issues, the NBA wants to mandate that agents share medical information on draft prospects with all teams. Union is resisting.https://t.co/8xlTMK9rBu
Sources: NBA, NBPA negotiations to lower age limit to 18 and end Draft's one-and-done era hits an impasse. Talks ongoing. Story on ESPN: https://t.co/AdeRj6ksZi
The best story in sports today — or any day. Go get ‘em Tyler!
Guard Davon Reed is planning to sign a two-way deal with Indiana, league sources tell ESPN. Reed was waived on a guaranteed contract with the Suns and still needs to clear waivers today. Reed was the 32nd pick in 2017 Draft out of Miami.
Woj Pod: Around the league with @ZachLowe_NBA on Embiid/Simmons, Celtics, Lakers, Jazz, Jimmy Butler and impact new coaches. https://t.co/uFYHZGP5Y2
The NBA informed teams no changes to allow HS players into Draft will happen prior to 2022, sources tell ESPN. NBA/NBPA have been negotiating to change age eligibility to 18. HS players could already go directly into G-League -- it’s just now elite can make $125K instead of $35K.
I have doubts about how many top players will go this route. Some, yes. But G-League is full of early connecting flights, long bus rides, small gyms. It isn't glamorous. Big-time NCAA ball still has the trappings of exposure, packed houses, private jets. You'll get paid there too
Here's the ESPN @DraftExpress story on the NBA's plan to intercept the one-and-done high school star with $125K a year and pro training in the G League. https://t.co/ZHH0cbKuoLhttps://t.co/I20lfPOsbj
The NBA plans to offer a "professional path" to the G-League with select $125K salaries to players as an alternative to the one-and-done college route, ESPN's @DraftExpress reports.
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