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New podcast. Jackie MacMullan & @espn_macmahon  on the roller coaster ride this NBA restart is shaping up to be:

The rules & procedures for the NBA’s Disney campus are serious, complex & also a little funny. Here’s a simple FAQ that explains it (with @TimBontemps ):

A decade later, the 2010 NBA free agent chase of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh remains a compelling story of midnight meetings, secret calls & head shaking “what ifs”:

Wayne Embry, who broke the color barrier in NBA front offices and had to decide whether to boycott a playoff game the day Martin Luther King was killed, has advice for those conflicted about playing in this moment:

New podcast. @kirkgoldsberry , @NickFriedell  & @NotoriousOHM . There’s a ring the NBA wants players to wear that might predict if they’ll get sick. But will they allow themselves to be tracked & monitored?


Kyrie Irving asked the Cavs to trade him in a meeting last week, sources told ESPN. Story posting on shortly

Knicks have 2 max slots. Nets have 2 max slots. Clippers have a path to get 2 max slots. Lakers have a max slot plus the No. 4 pick & assets to make major move. Get ready.

LeBron James just went into Cavs locker room where Gordon Hayward is receiving medical attention

The Supreme Court has just ruled 7-2 to overturn the federal ban on sports gambling. It's a historic day in American sport.

Isaiah Thomas, who recruited Hayward to Boston over summer, has also been with him in locker room.

I'm in Rome, it's 1:30 a.m. and my wife may be considering divorce. I leave analysis of Cavs-Celtics trade to my able colleagues. Good night

NBA is changing format of All-Star Game. Captains will select teams regardless of the conference, playground style

Kobe or LeBron will have been in every Finals since 2007 but never played each other. History's loss.