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The White House
just now president realdonaldtrump and flotus arrived at akasaka palace to meet with abeshinzo and mrs abe
Just now, President @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS arrived at Akasaka Palace to meet with @AbeShinzo and Mrs. Abe!

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John Siracusa
rt huge trump fans flock to statenisland to sell 2020 gear praise the president trump2020 maga usa
#RT - Huge Trump fans flock to #StatenIsland to sell 2020 gear, praise the #President - #Trump2020 #MAGA #USA country flag
코리아헤럴드 Korea Herald
egypt s ousted president morsi dies in court during trial
#Egypt's ousted #president #Morsi #dies in #court during trial

Frances Fisher I❤️99
president ronaldreagan was an actor realdonaldtrump was a reality something
#President #RonaldReagan was an actor.
@realDonaldTrump was a reality something.
xoxo rt hairclub president client
Cameron McWhirter
mueller if we had had confidence that the president had not committed a crime we would have said so via wsj
#Mueller: “If We Had Had Confidence that the #President Had Not Committed a Crime, We Would Have Said So” via @WSJ
Live Trading News
china struggling to grasp president trumps end game dia spy sox qqq rutx
#China Struggling to Grasp #President #Trump’s End Game: $#DIA, $#SPY, $#SOX, $#QQQ, $#RUTX
Bruce Beck
an emotional jd is back president nyrangers
An emotional J.D. is back! #President @NYRangers
Live Trading News
president trump on war with iran i hope not thursday president trump said he hoped
#President #Trump on #War With #Iran, “I Hope Not”: Thursday, President Trump said he hoped…
Live Trading News
us new immigration plan to be merit based thursday president trump said that he
US’ New #Immigration #Plan to Be #Merit Based: Thursday, #President #Trump said that he…
Cameron McWhirter
democratic nyc mayor billdeblasio running for president despite polls showing he lacks national appeal
#Democratic #NYC Mayor #BilldeBlasio running for #president despite polls showing he lacks national appeal
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The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
pelosi trump delay on harriet tubman 20 bill is an insult to the hopes of millions
Pelosi: Trump delay on Harriet Tubman $20 bill is "an insult to the hopes of millions"
Senator Patty Murray
in the 114 days since the house passed universal background checks 11400 people have been killed from gun viol
In the 114 days since the House passed universal background checks, 11,400 people have been killed from gun violence. This is a nationwide epidemic. The Senate should immediately pass universal background checks and do everything in our power to stop gun violence in America.
BBC Politics
voting has closed in the final mps ballot of the tory leadership contest johnson gove amp hunt still in the ra
Voting has closed in the final MPs' ballot of the Tory leadership contest

Johnson, Gove & Hunt still in the race
• Only two can go through to run-off vote
Final two announced after 1800 BST
Party members' vote decides next PM

Live updates:
Donald J. Trump
it was my great honor to host canadian prime minister justintrudeau at the whitehouse today
It was my great honor to host Canadian Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau at the @WhiteHouse today!🇺🇸🇨🇦
no we cannot the iraq war architect is working to taunt into a war with iran
We cannot.
The Iraq war architect @AmbJohnBolton is working to taunt @realDonaldTrump into a war with Iran. #StopBoltonsWar #NoWarWithIran
Rep. Jim Jordan
everyone agrees except democrats in washington that the origins of the russia collusion narrative are troublin
Everyone agrees (except Democrats in Washington) that the origins of the "Russia Collusion" narrative are troubling and should be investigated.
The Independent
hannity does kill signal to fox news producers after ingraham swoops in on trump interview
Hannity does 'kill signal' to Fox News producers after Ingraham swoops in on Trump interview
The White House
president realdonaldtrump welcomes canadianpm justin trudeau to the white house
President @realDonaldTrump welcomes @CanadianPM Justin Trudeau to the White House! 🇺🇸 🇨🇦
Narendra Modi
wonderful evening with mp colleagues over dinner cutting across party lines we had great conversations through
Wonderful evening with MP colleagues over dinner.

Cutting across party lines, we had great conversations through the programme.
N Chandrababu Naidu
we have lakhs of karyakarthas and crores of telugu people behind us history will repeat itself there is nothin
We have lakhs of Karyakarthas and crores of Telugu people behind us. History will repeat itself. There is nothing to worry #TDPWillBeBack
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