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“But it is not just Mr. Trump who is on the ballot this year. It is the Constitution and America as we know it.” @CharlesHurt  #WashTimesOpEd 

“If a fun campaign is a winning campaign, then President Trump has this one in the bag.” @CharlesHurt  #WashTimesOpEd 

“So, either Twitter has been busily booting even more conservatives that make the news, or users are abandoning the platform at a high rate.” @ckchumley  #WashTimesOpEd 

“The same media outlets that were eager to report his demise with poll after poll showing him down in key battleground states are now rushing to call states with outstanding or disputed votes.” @ScottWalker  #election2020  #WashTimesOpEd 

“My suggestion for the Trump campaign is to prepare for a recount after the completion of the canvass.” @ScottWalker  #election2020  #WashTimesOpEd 

“Mr. Biden reportedly plans to issue a slew of executive orders, reversing those by Mr. Trump. It is his right to do so, but how does that promote healing and unity?” @CalThomas  #WashTimesOpEd 

“Does Mr. Biden have a mandate on COVID-19? Would Americans, including business owners, accept a national lockdown that could cripple the economy?” @CalThomas  #WashTimesOpEd 

“It’s Hillary Clinton’s baskets full of deplorables all over again.” @ckchumley  #WashTimesOpEd