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I mean this plateau for facebook seems pretty stubborn and has lasted the better part of a decade

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I love Dwayne Johnson but swapping the colossal soft power of being the biggest movie star in the world for the small hard power of a governorship is a dismal, bad trade.

had absolutely no idea they did my guy this dirty

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gotta refresh the pinned tweet it's been a year

also I think we're north of 1,600 now but it's been a minute since I did the recalculation and 1,500 sounds cool anyway


“We’re under mandatory quarantine” • sounds intense • historically loaded • intimidating “It’s a bottle episode” • cool, heady themes • saving up money for something rad • oh boy what are they gonna come up with for this one • is that an emmy nomination I see

was not able to score tickets to My Chemical Romance but on the flip side I can listen to some My Chemical Romance to deal with the despair I feel right now

this look? this is the last thing that an under-performing company that has not maximized shareholder value in the mid-nineties saw.

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jeez this headline is something Gun stocks tumble after upbeat vaccine news, lack of civil unrest

Let me just say, to the Garfunkel or bust people, you're being ridiculous

lemme get this straight everyone gets reallllll into sea shanties and then finally when you're actually needed on deck to move a stuck boat it's all "sorry i'm swamped" and "i was mostly here for the tea and rum" and "i just enjoy the memes too much to help"

We checked out the math and found @AndrewYangVFA  fans are right to be peeved about how much time he's getting at the debates

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Listen I don’t love it when campaigns try to play the refs but I and @yeppitsgrace  crunched the numbers and @AndrewYangVFAs  fans make a valid point

Regardless of what you think of Bernie, I'm beginning to think the American health care system has perhaps *underestimated* the number of people who believe they or a loved one have been personally screwed over by the American health care system

is this the same fucking guy who backed his car into a cop car the other day