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Who do YOU want eco-champion @WWEDanielBryan to face at #WWEFastlane? #SDLive
In honor of #PresidentsDay, are you playing as any famous presidents in #WWE2K19? Show us your content!
While you're enjoying #WWEChamber, we wanted to offer a sneak peek at the #WWE2K19 #WWEFastlane Tower reward starting tomorrow!

Congrats to your @WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions!! #WWEChamber
Have you tried out @WWESuperCard Season 5? It's got three new card tiers, numerous gameplay improvements, and much more!
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The #EliminationChamber Road to Glory begins tomorrow in #WWE2K19! Make sure you have the stars to enter and earn these new attire items.

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Happy #ValentinesDay from #WWE2K19! We're burning up in your love (your love).
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Indeed they are! Everyone, go download them on Xbox One.

The Most Relevant

. claims his place on the cover like#WWE2K18 no one else can. Pre-order #BeLikeNoOnenow:
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.@BrockLesnar is the #WWE2K17 cover athlete! @HeymanHustle

Get all the details:
WHAT IS HAPPENING?! @HeymanHustle just challenged @Goldberg to a fight on the authority of @BrockLesnar! #WWE2K17 c…
The debut #WWE2K18 gameplay trailer just aired on #RAW! Watch the long version below.
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Hey The Beast Incarnate, @HeymanHustle would like to have a word with you #WWE2K15 #2KCommentTakeover
To celebrate the special #WWE2K19 Wooooo! Edition of Photo Shoot featuring and , we’re showing off detailed imagery of the exclusive Ric Flair figure for the first time. Watch tonight right after on Network for more! #RAW
IT'S SHOWTIME: Sting has arrived in @WWE and he's coming to #WWE2K15. Pre-order today. #FEELIT
We really need more @HeymanHustle in WWE 2K! Check out this behind the scenes #WrestleMania clip w/ @BrockLesnar ->
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