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ON THIS DAY: This victory was WELL DUNN on this 1994 episode of #SmokyMountainWrestling!
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It was definitely #MondayNightRollins when @WWERollins battled for over an hour in an unforgettable #GauntletMatch one year ago today on #Raw!
Did @ShawnMichaels know?

#WWEConfidential explores that and much more in the new batch of episodes available NOW on @WWENetwork!
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He's the #WorldsStrongestMan @TheMarkHenry, and his incredible story is streaming NOW on @WWENetwork!
Taking things to the EXTREME.

@JEFFHARDYBRAND has officially entered the Elimination Chamber on @WWENetwork! #WWEChamber
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Is there HOPE for #TheNew @WWEDanielBryan?

He defends his #WWEChampionship RIGHT NOW LIVE on @WWENetwork!
Can @JEFFHARDYBRAND regain the #WWEChampionship 11 YEARS after he won his first? Let's find out together LIVE on @WWENetwork! #WWEChamber
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The Most Relevant

Another HISTORIC night on @WWENetwork...

Congratulations, @SashaBanksWWE & @itsBayleyWWE! #WWEChamber
ANOTHER new champion was just crowned TONIGHT on @WWENetwork...

@FinnBalor has captured the #ICTitle! #WWEChamber
Don't miss the #StoneColdPodcast Monday night after #RAW with @HeymanHustle, only on @WWENetwork!
It's safe to say & rose to prominence RAPIDLY as arrived in ! #TheShield
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The match you thought you would NEVER LIVE on , and The just went #UndertakerOLD SCHOOL on ! #WrestleMania
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The #StoneColdPodcast with @HeymanHustle will be LIVE Monday, June 1, exclusively on @WWENetwork!
The 🏆🏆🏆 just keep piling up for @mikethemiz and @shanemcmahon! #RoyalRumble
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