Finding an unbiased jury challenge for Kamille McKinney's accused murderers

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Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg says employees at his news organization need to accept restrictions with their paycheck, including the ban on investigating their boss.

Watching this all day. Thanks. Bye.

Africa supplies +60% of world's 💎diamonds.This #AntiCorruptionDay2019 , see how our work w/ @OECD  creates more transparent & ethical diamond supply chains. #UnitedAgainstCorruption 

They thought he was dressed as Hulk Hogan 😂🎥FB: Chris Clayton

Ministers have been pelted with eggs, rival politicians have almost come to blows, and the opposition boycotted Parliament

Inside the dinosaurs' jawbones, scientists found multiple teeth on top of one another, much like nestled ice cream cones. Crocodiles and sharks continually replace their teeth in the same way.

“Nobody is going to believe your word against a priest.” For more than half a century, pedophile priests abused boys at this California school, repeatedly covering for each other.

U.S. federal authorities are looking into whether a Japanese contractor possibly pumped waste from American warships into Japanese ports, in a case that shows the U.S. Navy’s ongoing struggles in overseeing its contractors