8-year-old boy attacked by mountain lion

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A weakened Iran is more dangerous to the world economy than ever

2. So seems leadership trying to get members of NEC to agree party’s Brexit policy with a race to get email replies in, while those who disagree are speaking elsewhere at conference

“This is what ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ really is — pretending that all of this is perfectly acceptable behavior for an American president,” Maher said. “It’s like body odor. If you smell it all the time, it’s probably you.”

3. Not really sure this is either the kinder, gentler politics or the kind of proper party democracy that excited Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters

British schoolgirl, 17, is stabbed to death in Jamaica after family moved from London to escape knife crime

The attack on Saudi's facilities - which knocked out half the country's oil production - was the worst attack on ME oil facilities since Saddam Hussein set fire to Kuwait's oil wells in 1990. Why did Saudi Arabia's billion-dollar defences fail? #AJCTC 

#HongKong Police warn radical protesters to stop illegal acts in Sha Tin latest:

Every hour four girls under the age of 13 are raped in Brazil, show government data

The world’s largest oil-and-gas producers are split over whether to commit to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions from the oil byproducts they sell

What the history of beards reveals about the changing meaning of masculinity