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Latest Scoops

Are you celebrating Singles Awareness Day on Friday? If you are celebrating in D.C., it turns out you’re not alone.
Rebel Wilson plays a cynical New Yorker who hits her head and wakes up in a PG-13 world of romantic comedy cliches in 'Isn't It Romantic'. See WTOP Film Critic Jason Fraley's review.
The vacancy left by Best Buy’s exit from Tenleytown will be filled by a retailer in D.C. expansion mode: Target.
Anesthesia during a short surgery doesn’t harm a baby’s brain development, according to an experiment involving hundreds of infants in seven countries.
The driver of a bus that struck and killed two women visiting D.C. in December has been allowed to get behind the wheel again.
Lullabies not working? Try Ludacris. In "Weird Parenting Wins," author Hillary Frank ditches the expert advice and shares unconventional strategies and creative techniques that parents have used to work through tantrums, meltdowns, meal-fights and more.
Hey @dcpublicschools and @dcpcsb! Our #ClickForKids contest is back. Do you want to win $10,000 for a local school? Here's how to enter:
Duke is the team most college basketball fans love to hate. But that hate runs especially deep around the D.C. area … and may be cause for an especially painful March this year.
In this week's Garden Plot, Mike McGrath shows how to keep those Valentine's Day tulips vibrant so they can be planted in the spring — and he explains why moss isn't necessarily a bad thing.
NEWS ALERT: President Donald Trump says he will declare a national emergency over border wall funding.

The Most Relevant

102-year-old Arizona woman casts early vote for Hillary Clinton
College students aren't sending in their absentee ballots because they don't know how to buy postage stamps, focus group says
BREAKING: @GovernorVA says shooter believed to be "disgruntled employee" of @WDBJ7. Troopers in pursuit now.
A burned animal carcass was left on a Homeland Security staffer’s porch as threats increase due to immigration policy
AMBER ALERT: Police issue AMBER Alert for 12-year-old girl abducted from Reagan National Airport.
Man dies after officer-involved shooting in Silver Spring
BREAKING: An African robotics team competing in the FIRST Global Challenge has gone #MISSING in D.C., police say:
BREAKING NEWS: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and the City of Charlottesville have declared states of emergency for the commonwealth and the city ahead of the rallies set to take place around Charlottesville and D.C. this weekend.
The artists receiving this year’s lifetime artistic achievement award on Sunday are Cher, composer Phillip Glass, country music legend Reba McEntire and jazz icon Wayne Shorter. The creators of “Hamilton” will receive a unique award. #KennedyCenterHonors
Alexandria police were called to a bomb threat at the Alfred Street Baptist Church, closing off South Patrick Street between Prince and Wilkes streets.
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