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Artist with autism makes balloon sculptures to thank essential workers

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Aurora police chief shows the photos of three former officers smiling and reenacting a chokehold near the site of Elijah McClain's arrest

A white couple has been charged with felony assault after one of them pointed a handgun at a Black woman and her two daughters. The family had asked for an apology after the couple bumped into them. The man yelled “Who the fu*k do you think you guys are?" before they took off.

This is CNN: "President Trump will be at Mount Rushmore, where he’ll be standing in front of a monument of two slave owners and on land wrestled away from Native Americans.”

JUST IN: Mexico closes border in Arizona as coronavirus cases in both countries surge

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53 countries at the UN voted in favor of Chinas crackdown in Hon Kong. 53. Nobody with any sense can argue that the UN hasn’t become pure crap at this point.

An Epstein accuser says that the FBI knew about the sex trafficking allegations against Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at least as early as 2006 and possibly as early as 1996. Why did it take 24 years to arrest her?

American philosophy is true and eternal; American history is the story of progressive striving toward the fulfillment of founding ideals; America's culture of rights is the bulwark against tyranny. Understand them and be grateful for them. Or lose them.

BREAKING: Aurora’s police chief has fired three of the officers involved in the photos re-enacting the chokehold used against #ElijahMcClain  when he died in August. She called the act “a crime against humanity and decency.”

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"It's not the time to be opening pubs at 6am" NHS staff have marched to Downing St in protest of the government's handling of the #COVID19  pandemic. Get the latest on #coronavirus :

A man on a motorbike carrying a 'liberate Hong Kong' flag has been charged with terrorism offences after driving into police officers. To read more, click here: