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A federal judge ordered the Justice Department to release a 2019 legal memo recommending that former President Donald Trump not be prosecuted for obstruction of justice in connection with the special counsel’s Russia investigation

President Biden pitched tax increases by saying that wealthy Americans and corporations should pay their fair share. Items such as faster write-offs for investments, which many Democrats support, contribute to some of those companies paying little.

Many people in “Facebook Jail” don’t understand what they did wrong. The company relies on secret and convoluted guidelines.

The Biden administration says it’s trying to spur investment in America—while proposing to remove a four-year-old tax break that was intended to do exactly that.

“It’s a little shocking we’re at this point already.” Companies are ready to hire—if only they could find workers.

While 22% of parents either stopped working or worked less in 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic’s disruptions, that figure jumps to 36% and 30% for Black and Hispanic mothers, respectively, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Monday.

Courts are weighing whether some of the failed legal challenges to the 2020 presidential election were frivolous or improper and warrant punishment for the lawyers who filed them.

Colonial Pipeline hack shows ransomware emergence as industrial-scale threat

Oren Cass, J.D. Vance, Ro Khanna argued that movements could expand their appeal with more precise messaging on economics and inequality in remarks @WSJ ’s Future of Everything Festival #WSJFuture 


Senators to propose bill sanctioning Chinese officials over Hong Kong security law

Joe Biden paid nearly $300,000 in federal taxes for 2019. President Trump, meanwhile, has refused to release any of his tax returns.

Sen. Josh Hawley, an ambitious 41-year-old former Missouri attorney general, has become a pariah among Senate Republicans, many of whom blame him for what they see as his role instigating a riot that overwhelmed the Capitol.

3M pushed back against White House criticism that it was favoring other, higher-paying countries with the distribution of its N95 masks, in high demand amid the coronavirus pandemic