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The billionaire effect: Several prominent Democrats in the 2020 presidential race want all federal campaigns to be publicly funded

A lifetime spent consumed by Afghanistan gave Marine commando Randy Hoffman the brotherhood of allies. It also nearly cost him his sanity.

"Stop-and-frisk" continues to pop up in Michael Bloomberg’s meetings with black leaders

The 2020 campaign is raising the pressure on candidates and CEOs to consider ways businesses can benefit more than just investors

Michael Bloomberg’s early campaign events reflect the political reality of his unconventional plan to skip the first four state nominating contests

The forces that prompt this clustering effect among tech firms is widening the skills divide within the U.S.

ICE’s focus on workplace enforcement—targeting both immigrants working illegally and their employers—has intensified in the past two years.

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Polls show black voters support a single-payer plan more than other groups—at 74%, compared with 44% among white voters and 69% among Hispanics.

Joe Biden is pledging to pursue as president a comprehensive immigration overhaul through Congress that would reverse most of the actions President Trump took to curb nearly all forms of immigration


Jared Kushner’s real-estate firm raises new conflict of interest issues for Donald Trump.

New: Bernie Sanders to unveil HIV/AIDS research initiative to spur development of new drugs to treat the disease.

As the House passed the health-care bill, Republicans cheered while Democrats responded with: "Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye."

Of 549 administration positions requiring Senate confirmation: Confirmed: 15 Nominated: 18 No one nominated: 516