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  3. the tech-icon made the turtleneck cool. six years after his death, it’s the sweater of the moment
The tech-icon made the turtleneck cool. Six years after his death, it’s the sweater of the moment https://t.co/vJcMNp1at7


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We went to Ferguson, Missouri – four years after a white policeman killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown – to see how black activists are trying to get voters to the polls to hand Donald Trump and Republicans a defeat.

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A few years ago Ronald Wayne was asked if he regretted selling his 10% interest in Apple for $800. He replied:

“I made the best decision with the information available to me at the time.”

It doesn't matter how close you are to a story. Investing is Hard
'After years of extreme Brexiters, we now face the depressing phenomenon of rabid Remainers' https://t.co/HEpOHQsZMj
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