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  3. the tech-icon made the turtleneck cool. six years after his death, it’s the sweater of the moment
The tech-icon made the turtleneck cool. Six years after his death, it’s the sweater of the moment https://t.co/vJcMNp1at7


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A few years ago I made this solid trade https://t.co/IJYgcGxfpc profiting roughly $70,000 aboard a friggin yacht in the #britishvirginislands with hardly any wifi, all thanks to @StocksToTrade spotting a PERFECT breakout in $EKSO so let this be a lesson to those who make excuses
Ursula Le Guin was a literary giant and a Portland icon.
I think her science fiction talent made her political observations, which on occasion she would share with me, all the more insightful. And she was just a delightful human being.
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