On the eve of the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc’s 150th year, regulars recount its evolution into the 21st century

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"The Government of India is regularly reviewing the public health preparedness in the country since the news broke," a health ministry statement said.

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Frank Rose explains how extending the New START treaty will help the United States maintain an effective strategic deterrent and the cohesion of its alliances.

New York City has created legislation to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all its buildings. The Empire State Building has already been retrofitted with improvements but in light of the new act, it will need to do even more.

Lux family entrepreneur @susanpaleyla ⁩ (who really built Beats by Dre) teasing me live from @StretchArmy ⁩ + @koolboblove ⁩ knowing i LOVE them... ...feel like this horn perfectly leads right into Showbiz & AG (“Party Groove/Soul Clap”...)

Is India planning re-education camps in Kashmir, like China has in its Muslim areas? Human rights activists are very worried. Read here:

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Millennials watched their already-precarious world get shakier every day. And when nobody seemed to be able to come up with a fix-it for noxious new India, they said: Uncle, please sit. @priyaramani  #HumWapasAayenge 

Would you drive a car made of wood? Japan unveiled a car made of cellulose fibers that will lower carbon emissions