President Trump

President Trump said the U.S. plans to pull most vaping products from the market, citing growing concerns about health hazards

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President Trump

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Hey @realDonaldTrump  - while you’re at it, Puerto Rico deserves statehood and two senators.

Joe Biden has pledged to raise the capital gains tax if elected this November. So what would that mean for your money? @robtfrank  has the details.

I'm so sorry for Justice Ginsburg's family and friends, may God bring her eternal bliss and relief from the scourge that is cancer

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a trailblazer for women in the legal profession and my prayers go out to her family and friends during this difficult time.

IL Tel Aviv's beaches were empty as Israel began a 3-week lockdown to try to contain a surge in Covid-19 cases. Under the new lockdown, nearly all businesses open to the public will be closed

Justice Ginsburg devoted her entire life to reading, interpreting, and understanding the law. To describe her as a gifted lawyer and jurist who had a profound influence on our country is an understatement. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

The Trump admin.’s decision to ban TikTok and WeChat could set a dangerous precedent that adversely affects U.S. tech companies and could embolden other countries to implement similar bans, experts warn.

Trump doesn’t understand that he is president of all 50 states – not just the ones that voted for him. Our nation is stronger when we’re together, and it is despicable that Trump continues to divide our country by attacking some states.

Wall Street wants workers back in the office. But workers are not entirely ready