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Most of the marchers were treated for foot injuries after walking for hundreds of miles, in addition to exhaustion and dehydration during Ramadan fasting https://t.co/g2bz33HZFv
Opinion: There are many ways to say you don’t want a deal. Some are more hygienic than others, writes @AndyKessler https://t.co/8qMau6M3FR
A little bit of history and game theory shows that OPEC is back to its old ways, and that the proposed oil increase is coming, no matter what they say https://t.co/CwhnzxAxsW
Opinion: Claudia Renton's "Those Wild Wyndhams" is a humane and tender group biography of three sisters in all their grandeur and vulnerability https://t.co/jnJW3TpKwx
A spokesman for South Korea’s defense ministry says Seoul had agreed with Washington to suspend the joint military exercise https://t.co/EniKbljHE6
The newly named editor of the Los Angeles Times, Norman Pearlstine, has held prominent positions at Time Inc., The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg https://t.co/Y2QhTaeN7i
Accenture Interactive has been ranked the top digital advertising network three years running. CEO Brian Whipple explains why. https://t.co/xLa4ZiCujh
The Trump administration's family-separation policy for detained migrants has drawn criticism from the U.N. secretary-general to Microsoft https://t.co/ihTgnfNVrW
Opinion: The U.S. is getting its way on Iran through coercive sanctions. It would be helpful to show allies some respect, write @Doranimated and @peterrough https://t.co/9VRVh8z73Z
President Trump threatens to impose an additional 10% tariff on $200 billion in Chinese goods if Beijing 'refuses to change its practices' https://t.co/zc0ryXhhB6
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