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Heard on the Street: Sliding oil production in Venezuela can’t be reversed unless dramatic changes occur https://t.co/pTNGmgYc6Y
A tourism boom in Greece and Spain has brought jobs, but for many, temp work isn’t enough https://t.co/PVirmPT2I3
Louisiana’s Henry Hub is becoming an important place in the world for natural gas prices https://t.co/8yzRH1AkCo
Another round of anthem protests has @JasonGay ready to walk away from football. Or...maybe not https://t.co/RiW2UAFxTP
Facebook courts marketers with in-stream video ads https://t.co/9GULZi1UqM
"As old as I am I can still run": At 86, Paul Tomanio is the oldest player in his senior softball league https://t.co/B3JDAfcieF
Memo to disaster managers: How to avoid the emotional perils of recovery https://t.co/n6emZAg1gx
Trump defends Confederate statues: 'History and culture of our great country being ripped apart' by their removal https://t.co/QoMn1XgDWW
South Korean leader says Trump agreed to discuss options with him before taking action against the North https://t.co/KE213S5RGf
State-controlled China Unicom discloses plan to sell shares to internet giants, then withdraws https://t.co/pnRSBNtWiM
‘Why would you do such a thing?’ The Cisco/Arista battle turns personal https://t.co/egbWD2YviM
Heard on the Street: The ECB’s good-news problem: the Euro https://t.co/0XYtQyTkkE
Pick one: a château in Normandy, a Paris apartment or a duplex in Chicago https://t.co/46Au3BVNlX
India’s radio boom has companies and ad agencies thinking outside of the box https://t.co/wGeUqiDGnf
The 10-Point: @gerardtbaker on CEOs abandoning Trump and more https://t.co/4isthumWtC
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Trump attacks 'toxic' Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake and 'publicity seeking' Sen. Lindsey Graham https://t.co/AVw4rkK1Eg
China tech workers wanted: women need not apply https://t.co/JceGRWr9Fa
Qatari pilgrims are being flown to the hajj by private plane amid a regional spat https://t.co/uNHSaKjCLj
Winter Olympics are returning to South Korea—and this time North Korea is looming as an ominous problem https://t.co/IKenYME7mj
Shocked by Silicon Valley scandals? China's tech workers aren't
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