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Pernod has lost market share across various segments, including vodka, gin and some types of whisky and has “significant room for improvement,” the hedge fund said https://t.co/1XDw2Ctdkc
In Europe, divisions over economics, culture and geography are challenging governments’ longevity and their ability to pursue their agenda https://t.co/5LuZmaXEIJ
Antiterror prosecutors in Paris have opened an investigation into the attack https://t.co/fxlfPuLMjZ
Opinion: Denying treatment for opioid addiction to those behind bars violates the Eighth Amendment, write Abbe R. Gluck and Kate Stith https://t.co/7DRhU1G4yl
Michael Kovrig was detained after traveling to China this month to work on a research report on North Korea https://t.co/5zGiNM7be2
This elegant, easy-drinking Italian red is a welcome guest at any holiday celebration https://t.co/e3mFgE331R
Detained Chinese pastor Wang Yi wrote that the Communist Party had elevated Xi Jinping to the status of a Roman emperor or Egyptian pharaoh https://t.co/cf9tU7sbcD
Breaking: U.K. Conservative lawmakers trigger a no-confidence vote over Theresa May's leadership amid broad discontent with her Brexit deal https://t.co/LTEjCkdwup
From marriages of efficiency to feuding frenemies: making global car alliances work isn't easy https://t.co/hofVjBZJTr
Opinion: Whether Trump can fire the Fed chairman may come down to politics more than law, writes @PeterContiBrown https://t.co/nFCeudzTMr
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