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A centuries-old debate about how Ireland should be governed has been reopened. And the Irish question in turn will play a role in determining what form Brexit takes.
The latest round of Syrian peace talks ended with no progress toward a political settlement
Peruvian president refuses to quit over corruption allegations
In China, there's too much cash trying to lasso too few tech ideas
Some of the most popular videogames this holiday season feature a reward system that critics say is a trap
Airbus confirms its CEO will leave the company in 2019
Robert Mueller asked Cambridge Analytica to hand over employees’ emails, in sign of investigators’ interest in the Trump campaign's data operation
Japanese men, historically engaged in leveraged forex trading, are now dominating the cryptocurrency market, Deutsche Bank says
China, South Korea mend fences in order to better counter North Korea’s rapidly advancing nuclear program
Four judges in Indonesia's case dissented, arguing 'homosexuality... is extremely reprehensible before religious laws'
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