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Delta would become the first big U.S. carrier to use Airbus’s Skywise system, which aims to help airlines spot potential malfunctions and improve plane design https://t.co/3kUu1wA0gV
Under the terms of the $2 billion acquisition deal by Twilio, SendGrid would continue to run as an independent unit led by its chief executive https://t.co/8Jz4NmWa2k
President Trump’s campaign has raised about $72 million for his re-election bid https://t.co/AaV3GtX1o9
Opinion: Venezuela is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Cuba’s military dictatorship, writes @MaryAnastasiaOG https://t.co/K2X1tyQ9YO
Superdry shares fall 21% as clothing brand’s cool weather styles are hit by long, hot summer https://t.co/jmRn4qWbwk
Hollywood’s biggest talent agency is trying to get out of business with Saudi Arabia after the alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi https://t.co/Is8N1aFxeF
Emerging-markets selloffs: why this one is different https://t.co/UYiEr6301e
International ad agency JCDecaux is cordoning off and inspecting thousands of bus shelters that it runs in New York City, following the roof collapse of one shelter in Staten Island https://t.co/EquSmGE7pO
A plan to avert an offensive by the Syrian regime against the last major rebel-held area stumbled when the main extremist group failed to leave a proposed buffer zone https://t.co/u9YaEaO55s
Opinion: With its suite of health apps, the latest Apple Watch marks a tipping point in technology for older people, write @josephcoughlin and @lukeyoquinto https://t.co/8gbt39Yu8r
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