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Bitcoin miners are turning to green energy to keep their electricity-hungry machines chugging while lessening their impact on the environment

A 12-year-old girl’s video challenged Mexico’s coronavirus czar over a policy against vaccinating minors. “I’ve learned you have to stand up for yourself in this world. Now, I’m standing up for others who want the vaccine.”

Young women have found ways to protect their mental health while using Instagram, @juliejargon  reports #WSJWhatsNow 

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons is putting his Las Vegas home on the market for $14.95 million, less than a year after buying the roughly 11,000-square-foot property. He said his wife and children are "not fans of 115-degree weather."

Social media has become a safe space for many teens to explore gender and sexual identity, but some teens feel pressure to make a choice, writes columnist @juliejargon 

Parents say their kids are begging to watch the bloody Netflix hit “Squid Game.” Some think that trying to shield their children from the show entirely is a losing battle. “If it gets really bad we turn it off or I can throw a blanket over his head.”

The bill for climate change is coming due, and it will be big. Businesses, investors and the U.S. government are planning to turn the country carbon neutral in the coming 30 years. What will it cost and who will pay?

Sexual desire is lower than it’s been at any point during the pandemic for people who are feeling stressed, a new study says. To rekindle your relationship, sex therapists advise to just start touching.

It took a pandemic-forced slowdown to make this CFO and endurance athlete realize he was training too hard

MagSafe is back, and the Touch Bar is gone. Columnist @JoannaStern  explains how Apple is righting past wrongs with its new MacBook Pro models.


Joe Biden won South Texas border counties—but just barely. Latinos, mostly lifelong Democrats, moved to President Trump in record numbers. Here's why.

Wearing a double mask or fitting a single mask more closely on the face substantially reduces the risk of infection with the virus that causes Covid-19, according to a new study published by the CDC

Several people were killed as Nigerian soldiers opened fire at a key protest site in Lagos, witnesses said, as the government sought to end two weeks of marches against police brutality that have mushroomed into broader nationwide demonstrations

CVS, Home Depot, Ulta and Target all have something in common. They’re struggling to keep up with organized crime rings stealing from their stores in bulk and selling the goods online, often on Amazon.

Go behind the scenes at a virtual SHINee concert to see how K-Pop groups are reinventing live music for fans world-wide #WSJWhatsNow 

The number of men enrolled in college this year trails women by record highs, part of a nationwide education gap. Nobody wants to talk about it.

New research suggests that face coverings help reduce the transmission of droplets, though some masks are more protective than others.

As BTS prepares to release a new album, they talk about what innovation means to them and the importance of music #WSJWhatsNow