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Heard on the Street: Attack on critical Saudi oil facility will almost certainly rock the energy market in the short term, but also carries disturbing long-term implications

A wave of new luxury hotels is sweeping across Tokyo ahead of the 2020 Olympics

With opinion polls showing that most Italians don’t want a revival of heavy Mediterranean migration flows, the new governing coalition doesn’t want to anger voters

MoviePass has discovered that selling customers a movie a day in a theater for under $10 a month wasn't a good business model

In Hong Kong’s 15th straight weekend of protests, many thousands marched in defiance of a police ban on the demonstration

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is doubling down on his national-security credentials as former generals question his record ahead of Tuesday's vote

Investors have poured billions of dollars into funds that track stocks—a signal of increased optimism

Iran's foreign minister says the U.S. has failed at a “max pressure” campaign and is now focused on “max deceit”

From @WSJopinion : English majors aren’t getting much respect these days—including self-respect. But don’t blame the kids.

Analysts say the U.S. economy is very different than it was in the 1970s, when surging oil prices tipped the economy into recession


We have reviewed the audio from our interview with President Trump, as well as the transcript provided by an external service, and stand by what we reported. Here is audio of the portion the White House disputes.

Before his death, Jeffrey Epstein made over half a billion dollars through clients who put him in charge of their charities, placed his name on deeds for their properties and let him control their savings. See where the money leads.

Opinion: Trump’s adversaries have spent more than two years trying to dodge accountability, writes @kimstrassel 

A former porn star reached a $130,000 deal just before the 2016 election to stay silent about an alleged sexual encounter with Donald Trump

Studying is more effective when it’s done in 45-minute segments instead of longer ones

Scientists say they've found evidence of a previously unknown human species that lived in what is now the Philippines about 50,000 years ago

U.S. law schools, seeking a bigger pool of students, open admissions to GRE test takers