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Fencing had a problem. “Literally, guys were not fencing.” This is the new rule on display at the Olympics that has fixed just that.

Breaking: The U.K. government will allow fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and those from most of the European Union to enter England without quarantine requirements, hoping for an influx of late-summer tourists

From @WSJBookReviews : Abraham Lincoln had to shoulder the unique burden of leadership during a civil war—but the trials of his dysfunctional domestic life surely added to the strain. We review “An American Marriage” and other noteworthy books this month.

America’s biggest oil lobby just did an about-face on climate policy. It’s made no one happy.

Russian authorities have stepped up a campaign to suppress critics and organizations seen as being antigovernment, in what some see as further evidence that President Putin’s regime is growing stronger

A Chinese court sentenced outspoken farming magnate Sun Dawu to 18 years in jail for allegedly causing public disorder, and a multitude of other offenses

A bipartisan group of negotiators has reached a deal on the "major issues" of the roughly $1 trillion infrastructure package, GOP Sen. Rob Portman said

From @WSJopinion : The space race spawned Darpa. The pandemic proved we need an agency for health innovation, writes Michael Milken


Wearing a double mask or fitting a single mask more closely on the face substantially reduces the risk of infection with the virus that causes Covid-19, according to a new study published by the CDC

Joe Biden won South Texas border counties—but just barely. Latinos, mostly lifelong Democrats, moved to President Trump in record numbers. Here's why.

Several people were killed as Nigerian soldiers opened fire at a key protest site in Lagos, witnesses said, as the government sought to end two weeks of marches against police brutality that have mushroomed into broader nationwide demonstrations

Go behind the scenes at a virtual SHINee concert to see how K-Pop groups are reinventing live music for fans world-wide #WSJWhatsNow 

Celebrities from Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s to Lisa of Blackpink and BTS in 2020 have brought high fashion to the airport. Though the pandemic paused that peacocking, it shows signs of returning.

New research suggests that face coverings help reduce the transmission of droplets, though some masks are more protective than others.

As BTS prepares to release a new album, they talk about what innovation means to them and the importance of music #WSJWhatsNow 

South Korean pop group BTS has reached the top of the U.S. charts, united millions of fans around the world into a self-styled ARMY, shattered online viewing records and been part of a major IPO. The band tells @WSJMag  that there's still more to conquer.