Catoosa County / Brandi Elliott / Tunnel Hill

POSSIBLE CAUSE OF DEATH: The Catoosa County sheriff says he believes Brandi Elliott, the woman found dead in Tunnel Hill, may have died of a drug overdose. #CHAnews 

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Catoosa County / Brandi Elliott / Tunnel Hill

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One thing I love about New York right now? How people pull up their masks as they approach strangers on the street. It’s a sign of respect, community and common sense. Just call us the heartland.

#Maharashtra : Farmers in the Dhule district welcome the new agriculture reform bills. "The Bills introduced in the Lok Sabha by the Modi govt has removed all the compulsions that farmers have had for so long. Now we can sell our harvests all over the country," says a farmer.

See the full-page dedication to Ruth Bader Ginsburg that will run in major papers across the country this week:

Biden will give remarks about the Supreme Court at 2 p.m. in Philadelphia, his campaign says.

The kind of attack on the Chair of Deputy Chairman, is saddening incident. Is it befitting to the politics of this nation? Is it right to go & break the mic at a chair on which not only Deputy Chairman but also the Vice President of the nation sits?: Union Minister Smriti Irani

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"I lost my legs in service to this country. Soldiers I led lost their lives. Every morning, I wake up wondering how I can give more to my country. I look forward to the day when we have a commander in chief who does the same" | Dan Berschinski, @CNNOpinion 

In the biggest protest Thailand has seen in years, tens of thousands marched in Bangkok to demand new elections and reforms to the country's powerful monarchy.

Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of America's billionaires saw their fortunes skyrocket over the past six months — while millions of Americans are now earning less than they were before the pandemic began, according to a new study

as you watch videos of screeching radicals demand you conform to their sloganeering, or else: take a break and read this chilling piece. its worth it.