President Trump

Local church offering different options for parishioners after President Trump declared them essential

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President Trump

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“I’m watching these images, the first thing that came to mind is, America is a tinderbox and Donald Trump’s tongue is a flame right now. Each time he opens his mouth, he throws another match on the fire,” Atlanta Mayor@KeishaBottoms  says.

Still haven’t figured out why people driving alone in cars wear masks.

We need leaders strong enough to lead with compassion, wise enough bridge America’s divide, and passionate enough to understand the suffering millions are enduring.

If you're going out to protest—as is your right under the First Amendment—it’s important to understand the risks to your digital privacy. Here are some basic steps you can take to safeguard it: 1/

WATCH LIVE: President Trump delivers remarks at the White House as widespread protests continue across the U.S.

I cannot believe what I am seeing at the White House. US Federal Troops confronting US citizens outside the Presidential seat. Where am I again?

Sounds like the protesters are chanting to military police, "YOU are the threat. YOU are the threat."

A swarm of locusts invaded residential areas of Jaipur, as the issue persists in the region. Local reports stated that the locusts have traveled much farther than they usually do.

JUST IN: 600 additional National Guard personnel have been requested for Washington D.C.