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All 50 states woke up Thursday with snow on the ground >>https://t.co/nhLzMqHP7O #wmc5
No answers one year after Horn Lake pizza store robbery, shooting https://t.co/8ztv5vawPr
Krispy Kreme is asking doughnut fans to choose their next glazed doughnut.>>

Whathttps://t.co/NkXe91wymG's your choice?
This umbrella caused a lockdown at a Washington hospital after being mistaken for a weapon.>>https://t.co/zb9SbkV7dd
This couple's 'maternity' photoshoot will be either the cutest or creepiest thing you'll see today.>>https://t.co/Bss1yepvxS
Memphians spend overnight hours assuring others stay warm https://t.co/m51Jx8P6t7
Nashville makes list of 20 cities under consideration for new Amazon HQ; Memphis does not https://t.co/KMYmV2SxZD
Potholes the latest road hazard as ice, snow melts https://t.co/QNw1dHVhwP
.@Stranger_Things star David Harbour agreed to crash this teen's senior pictures after her Twitter request got 25k retweets. See what he has to do now that another Tweet got 125k! 😂>>https://t.co/CtIBRRWfj6
Seeing snow from space and the science behind it #wmc5 >>https://t.co/HmmbtSNLA8
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