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Latest Scoops

TDOC hosts job fair to help vets, ex-cons back into workforce https://t.co/iSIpVD9PaG
Child run over during fight between parents https://t.co/g3ub6OvKqA
Cyber attack, Harvey cost FedEx $300M in quarterly profits #wmc5 >>https://t.co/NBUNSq3tkQ
Former director blows whistle on Midtown Memphis clinic telemarketing car accident victims #wmc5 >>https://t.co/XzjqxjlAqE
Man robbed gunpoint doing yard work in Midtown #wmc5 >>https://t.co/xdWninerHK
Inmates break out of jail to burglarize business before sneaking back in to jail #wmc5 >>https://t.co/xPKTBKBO05
Florida woman seeks 'sexy lineman' to get lights back on after Hurricane Irma #wmc5 >>https://t.co/4YqD4TUvNr
Meet Faye--a 24-pound cat that is ready for adoption in Jacksonville, Florida #wmc5 >>https://t.co/bsJQekFzEH
Abandoned downtown building could become hotel #wmc5 >>https://t.co/38ERfcszsc
CAUGHT ON CAM: Underage man scuffles with Beale Street security #wmc5 >>https://t.co/pfARovjI9n
Memphis City Council discusses suing drug companies over opioid crisis #wmc5 >>https://t.co/a4APNjCs0p
1 child killed, 3 others injured in Marshall County crash #wmc5 >>https://t.co/XBeNakOQ7q
BREAKING: One of the two escaped MS inmates has been captured #wmc5 >>https://t.co/5BOmPbuc6A
Local company offers free uniforms to thousands of students #wmc5 >>https://t.co/95OMTTbALX
Farmer in search of missing cow finds human remains inside burned truck #wmc5 >>https://t.co/rq1LWgiTfC
Ole Miss police investigating second sexual battery in 2 weeks #wmc5 >>https://t.co/vmVM1NkXnO
'Mini Satans:' Navy nurses insult newborns in social media posts #wmc5 >>https://t.co/pivnZ0xIeP
Toys 'R' Us files for bankruptcy, but keeps stores open #wmc5 >>https://t.co/zUDmn4iDCB
Powerful earthquake jolts Mexico, sways buildings in capital #wmc5 >>https://t.co/eERvRNWILA
Whiskey-flavored coffee has arrived at Starbucks #wmc5 >>https://t.co/XfKa4pHw2i
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