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Ludlow preparing as river rises https://t.co/SkFdZFipkp
Mark Hamill to receive star on Hollywood Walk of Fame https://t.co/mpIF7mWjOQ
Steve Scalise puts focus on FBI failures, mental health in school shooting discussion https://t.co/jrCra7o2U7
14 things that will make your commute so much better https://t.co/dr5ARTztQb
Floodwaters continue to rise in Anderson Township:

Here is a latest aerial look at several prominent landmarks: Coney Island, Riverbend Music Center and Belterra Park: https://t.co/MjtB7qGgnX
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‘Heartbroken’ US Olympic medalist visits South Korean dog meat farm https://t.co/MSeMbOTEHe
See what it actually looks like inside the Olympic village https://t.co/dVSFdJ5i7p
Missing Kentucky teen found confined in South Carolina home https://t.co/HLtJ0EDfBP
Missing Kentucky teen found in South Carolina home https://t.co/KOkx2J2B0h
NKY man gets life in prison for meth distribution ring https://t.co/7btJsZtmwj
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