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Not the typical morning commute...
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Not the typical morning commute...


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A contract dispute between the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association and Operating Engineers 324 has put dozens of construction projects on hold across our state -- and the governor said Tuesday morning there might not be an end in sight.
An unusual moment in the Jason #vandyketrial. Judge Gaughan praises Steven "Randy" Rueckert, an attorney for Officer Jason Van Dyke, for getting to court on time after being in a traffic accident this morning. The jury was not present.
“MYTH: You’ll have a workout routine.

REALITY: You’ll wake up each morning from unsettling dreams and nothing will calm you until you check Twitter and confirm that the president has not launched a nuclear missile (yet).” https://t.co/a5epde4RgE
Update: I’m at a fancy event in Mexico City this morning w a legion of navy-blue-suit wearing members of the establishment - where former president Ernesto Zedillo just called for drug regulation not “more failed prohibition” to great applause
VISIBILITY IMPACTS: Things are looking quite foggy for your Tuesday morning commute, so plan a little extra time out on the roads today ☁️ Full weather forecast here https://t.co/kRlkEuEbaE
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Doc's Morning Line: NFL defenders are good. They're not Keanu Reeves in 'The Matrix.' https://t.co/UChWJk06i1
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