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Investment Professional LA/Ventura CA. I like NCAAF/B, true crime, craft beer & history. Bullish on America & my Family.

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Not the typical morning commute...
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I hope Fred Hickey can tell us how the quarter sucked.
you think they'll ever pass something on repatriation?
credit CEFs > SPY since Feb '16 low. Awesome run.
big ski weekend...I'm hearing south Tahoe got 9 feet in last week lol.
Relentless. Cc @BobBrinker
@ReformedBroker his website is still going. 549 winning trades, 1 losing trade. Regulators? Anyone?
@BobBrinker may as well hike in October with no press conference while they're at it. Time is of the essence.
@BobBrinker to quote Gudlach, "a rate hike will not remove uncertainty whatsoever, and it isn't warranted based on a large set of data".
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