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#SoFlaroundup is on next: Will the Maduro regime let humanitarian aid into Venezuela? We discuss tensions in Haiti and, after 20 years, homeless people in Miami lost court-ordered protections from some police actions. Tune in on 91.3 fm or listen online at
Venezuela's Maduro orders closure of Brazilian border on the eve of deadline to let humanitarian aid into the country
With Homeless Rights Agreement Terminated, Miami Attorney Says He Will 'Keep A Watchful Eye'
.@GovRonDeSantis Names Environmentalists To South Florida Water Board
Two bills moving through the state Legislature are considering how far Florida should go to protect its #LGBTQ community.
The trial in the case of the confessed Parkland shooter could begin in early 2020. Nikolas Cruz faces the death penalty if convicted.
A judge rules federal prosecutors broke the law in #JeffreyEpstein sex trafficking case. The Parkland shooter trial could begin in early 2020. And the state plans to appeal court decision on oil drilling in the Everglades. Your evening news roundup here:
For the season finale of @WLRNSundial's Live from the 305 music series, @InezBMusic mixes genres inspired by her Haitian roots.
Florida lawmakers are closer to repealing a state ban on smokable pot.
A Broward County judge wants the case against the confessed Parkland school shooter to head to trial in January.

The Most Relevant

Keep these safety tips in mind: What not to do after Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma is back to Cat 5 and making landfall in Cuba:
The latest in #FloridaRecount : In Palm Beach County, around 5,000 ballots will be reviewed, according to elections supervisor.
Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes told WLRN she’s unsure how many votes are left to count.
Data: More young people are registering to vote in the wake of the Parkland shooting.
The arrival of Hurricane Irma seen from a balcony in Havana. (Photos taken during the last 24 hours.)
Commentary: A look at how and why Venezuela's protests have to succeed
The aunt of a slain Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting student is leading the effort with @davidhogg111 to ban assault weapons in Florida.
The nursing home has been without power since being blasted by tropical storm winds with hurricane gusts on the edge of Hurricane Irma.
It happens hundreds, if not thousands, of times a year nationwide. A #Veteran dies, but there’s no family nearby. So, the steps up to handle the burial
Survival Tips: What NOT To Do Once Hurricane Irma Blows Over
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