Video Oregon Army National / Guard Blackhawk / Mount Hood Saturday

WATCH: Video shows an Oregon Army National Guard Blackhawk helicopter helping rescue a climber who had fallen near the summit of Mount Hood on Saturday.

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Video Oregon Army National / Guard Blackhawk / Mount Hood Saturday

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Donald Trump previously contended that invoking one’s Fifth Amendment rights was virtually an admission of wrongdoing. But on Wednesday, he invoked the right himself during a deposition at the office of the New York attorney general.

No Russian has the right to vacation in the free world. It’s a privilege, especially today. At the same time, Russians who want to flee Putins dictatorship should be encouraged, especially those trying to work for freedom and human rights in Russia from abroad.

New IRS Agents: 87,000 New Armed School Officers: 0 Is keeping our kids safe really a government priority?

Fmr. FBI Agent: "I don't care if it's one who person who is a drug dealer or maybe dealing guns or if it's the former President of the United States - you're going to give them an inventory list of what you seized." "I've never heard of anything like this."

Re-electing Trump would be a catastrophe for the US. But electing DeSantis or Pence or Pompeo or Noem or Cotton or Youngkin or any of them would also be catastrophe for the US. The GOP agenda and their contempt for democracy is a catastrophe for the US. The party is the problem.

Staff at a Starbucks in western New York walked out in protest after a co-worker was allegedly fired for being a union leader. He’d worked there for 13 years. Starbucks has fired over 70 pro-union workers.

DEVELOPING | At least three people are injured after a house explosion in Evansville, according to the fire department. Several homes were damaged. 📸: Danny Koester

Man who once said “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth?” takes the Fifth.

A transgender teen in Florida, who made headlines last year after she was brutally attacked in school, has been violently attacked again.

‘Very damning’: Experts say Republicans keep inadvertently revealing Trump’s guilt