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#AKMU '항해(SAILING)' FULL ALBUM D-1 POSTER AKMU 3rd FULL ALBUM [항해] Online release 2019. 09. 25 6PM #악뮤 #악동뮤지션 #항해 #SAILING  #YG 

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AND, we have since learned that the so-called whistleblower had NO firsthand information, which means he's not a whistleblower at all; lawyers call this hearsay, which is unreliable and no better than gossip...

This kitten RUNS into the ocean to swim with her dad 😻

Self control is strength Calmness is Power

Young Thug is not about that negative energy 🚫🚫

A baby moose adopted this woman as her mom 💗

Things you take for granted, other people are praying for

Accept yourself You don’t have to prove Shit to no one Expect yourself

Sometimes the only way to win is not to play the game.