Fire engulfs tractor-trailer hauling peanuts on I-40 West |

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It’s come to this — a television network split-screens the president with the words of the Constitution.

Who will be the first republican to renounce the constitution in defense of Trump?

Joe Biden was a top target of Russians who are building a network of accounts designed to look like groups in swing states, new Facebook data shows

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"I don't think it's necessary, other than that we secure the oil," Pres. Trump says when asked about leaving U.S. troops in Syria. "We have a good relationship with the Kurds ... we never agreed to protect the Kurds for the rest of their lives.”

#BREAKING WATCH: Super Scoopers requested, LA Co. FD to assist with structure protection as flames move closer toward Pacific Palisades homes

“Greatest economy ever.” Average postwar GDP growth: 2.9 percent. 2nd quarter 2019 GDP growth: 2.0 percent

President Trump says Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff are "trying to destroy the country" with the impeachment inquiry. "The president of the United States should be allowed to run the country, not have to focus on this kind of crap"

Repeating it over and over doesn’t make it true. Contrary to what Trump says, the whistleblower complaint was factually quite accurate, according to the White House’s own rough transcript. Reupping this smart @YLindaQiu  fact-check.