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Latest Scoops

These high schoolers just changed the game with their amazing student ID photos https://t.co/kn7N73wg9R
Nonprofit company builds tiny homes for the homeless https://t.co/P2tfU9VIOP
3 chickens, 2 alpacas, pig, and duck needed a place to stay after Irma https://t.co/RH7l5KfJD0
Walmart's holiday plans involve more hours, no temp hires for stores https://t.co/vADR3LCEeY
Adorable Video: First responders come to deer's rescue https://t.co/r68UGhijKT
Moment kids found alive in collapsed school https://t.co/rAZxNtm8Ia
Two cousins accused of gunning down pizza delivery man https://t.co/NGpNOrRTSf
Trump cranks ups pressure on GOP senators to act on new health proposal https://t.co/EqpnfeMyvQ
1-year-old dies after father allegedly left him in steam-filled bathroom https://t.co/A8TPaDLUxY
Family says someone shot, killed at least 7 of their pet horses https://t.co/MQydv3Rkhn
Today @DrOz American Chicken, is it safe to eat? We take a closer look at 11am on #WISN12
Four students face punishment after photo shows them spelling "Rape" at football game https://t.co/OUflKGfHNE
Why Mexico had two major earthquakes less than 2 weeks apart https://t.co/14l0Yp9okm
Hurricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico as Category 4 storm https://t.co/TD7oT8M2xF
$30 million worth of drugs recovered in record-breaking bust https://t.co/IZWrySqG32
Deputies credited with stopping two people from committing suicide https://t.co/79sNU0o4lv
'Swamp gas' released by Irma debris causes foul odor https://t.co/KKKi8t1AbC
Lost and found: Woman reunited with engagement ring she thought was gone forever https://t.co/3ejffcBm2m
Watch: Police officer fakes out students at football game, leads cheer https://t.co/q3sgpC4dZr
Man dressed in gorilla mask and diaper "steals" bananas from Walmart https://t.co/obKe8PZkvb
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