Voyager / Pale Blue Dot / Earth

On February 14, 1990, from a distance of 3.7 billion miles, Voyager 1 took this photo now known as the Pale Blue Dot. That’s us, our little planet Earth, suspended in a sunbeam. 📸NASA/JPL-CALTECH

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Voyager / Pale Blue Dot / Earth

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People have been complaining about the Guardian not being sufficiently left wing since the mid-19th century. More or less since Polly Toynbee started in other words.

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LIVE SPACEWALK: @Astro_SEAL  & @AstroBehnken  are ready to begin installing the final series of @Space_Station  power upgrades. This marks the 230th spacewalk at our orbiting laboratory:

Good morning. It's time for live views of Earth from space again. @AstroBehnken  begins spacewalk worksite prep, giving us a helmet cam view of our blue planet from 270 miles (434 kilometers) above our heads:

The crew will switch their spacesuits to battery power at 7:35am ET. Terms to know: đź”˝ -Egress = exit -EVA = Extravehicular Activity (spacewalk) -PGT = Pistol Grip Tool (drill) -BRT = Body Restraint Tether -APFR = Articulating Portable Foot Restraint

A group of prominent scientists have urged the US National Institutes of Health to carry out “challenge studies”, in which volunteers testing vaccines are deliberately exposed to coronavirus to accelerate clinical trials.

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