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Bringing the radiothermally generated heat. The team: @sandraupson, @JetJocko, @rtg0nzalez, @MeganMolteni, @MrMattSimon, @dmoberhaus

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The artificial intelligence programs can diagnose eye disease in diabetics and complications in stroke patients.

Hospitalizations for the disease are at their peak, but the death rate is way down. The simple procedure of flipping people over may be an important reason why.

This is what climate change will do to your hometown.

Determined to cook the perfect turkey? Physics can help.

The ride-hail giant invested more than $1 billion in autonomous vehicles. Now, it's selling the unit to Aurora, which makes self-driving tech.

Love caught me by surprise, but we were continents apart.

Not all SolarWinds victims are created equal.

Archaeologists found the entrance to the unexplored burial shaft earlier this week.

By digging out signals hidden within the brain’s electrical chatter, scientists are getting new insights into sleep, aging, and more.

A study found no significant difference in the well-being of participants who thought they were taking mini hits of psychedelics and those who actually were.


There are over 2,000 types of fireflies in the world. And, for the record, they're not actually flies, they're beetles. Photographer Kei Nomiyama captured their brief but beautiful life in the forests around central Shikoku Island:

A new Crispr technique called “prime editing,” can for the first time make virtually any alteration—additions, deletions, swapping any single letter for any other—without severing the DNA double helix. This advance was unimaginable just five years ago

If the US brought back the Great Depression’s massive worker program, it could put millions of Americans back to work—and help stave off disasters like wildfires.

It is really hard to photograph a meteor. Even though some 25 million of them hurtle toward Earth each day, most of them are too small to track. Photographer Prasenjeet Yadav managed to get one anyway, entirely by accident:

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Ventilators are in short supply. So Virgin Orbit engineers have created a new kind of ventilator by mechanizing the traditional Ambu bag, using off-the-shelf parts and some 3D printing. Details: #COVID19Pandemic 

Huge bushfires in Australia have torched 14.5 million acres since September, killing at least 18. This video shows a bushfire raging through Buchan, Victoria. We have entered the age of embers—think of it like an ice age, but with flames.

Meet tardigrades, also known as water bears. These microscopic animals can survive for years without food or water in pretty much any environment—including space. Now, thanks to a crashed Israeli lunar lander, they're on the moon.

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All plants reflect an ultraviolet light that's invisible to the human eye. This dazzling photo series makes that invisible light visible ?: Craig Burrows