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Have you been waiting for FaceTime's new Group feature so you can chat with 32 friends at once? Sorry: Apple says you'll have to wait a little longer for that. In the meantime, here's 7 other simple ways you can have a group video chats. https://t.co/vJReZ2zsrf
One of these jumping spiders has face paint on, can you tell which one? Scientists are trying to decipher how a female jumping spider determines whether a male is a mate or a meal, so they're painting the males' bright-red faces black with liquid eyeliner https://t.co/Ahf9FonyCC
Your heart rate is a reliable metric for setting fitness goals that puts your cardiovascular health—ahem—at the heart of your workout. If you have a wrist-worn activity tracker, it’s dead simple to monitor it accurately and continuously. Here's how:
In the era of Netflix and YouTube it's easy to think that old-fashioned TV is dead. The reality, however, is that TV’s business model is secure, its revenues are gargantuan, and the barriers to enter its industry have never been higher. https://t.co/9iXU0R7mGN
This year has been full of hacking news. And here's a big new one: A team of researchers has found a Spectre-like vulnerability that specifically undermines the most secure element of recent Intel chips. https://t.co/Aw5bag665t
Mario Schlosser, the CEO of Oscar Health, wants technology to cure what ails the health care industry. And now Alphabet, Google's parent company, is betting $375 million on this digital panacea. https://t.co/N3QJRmm9MZ
Today, Alphabet is announcing an investment of $375 million in Oscar Health. CEO Mario Schlosser spoke with WIRED about what that will mean for his company and the future of health insurance. https://t.co/xsyYgnqcfN
“The key message of our research is that the bulk of the health burden of wildfires is not felt by people living really near the fire, but rather, on people hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the source.” https://t.co/ckr49GHO5J
Welcome to Extreme Makeover: Arachnid Edition https://t.co/cavPSbh2P9
Ever seen something with 22,500 horsepower? Take a look inside the world's largest wind tunnel.
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