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Hackers could use the malware to create a situation that might cause physical harm, or an explosion or a leak https://t.co/aCMdiPBkWe
11 minutes
Don't give up the fight to protect #NetNeutrality https://t.co/GAxyAWjfe7
31 minutes
Here's what happens after the FCC proceeds with its vote to dismantle #NetNeutrality regulations today https://t.co/jCzOSurvRv
52 minutes
Whether they’re into shooters or indie games, get the PC gamer in your life one of these gifts https://t.co/vNrVd3gJSX
59 minutes
So what does this mean for you? For now this exists only in China. But bits and pieces of its architecture are baked into tech systems in the US. Folks, welcome to the age of social credithttps://t.co/fFWmijk4c9.
Users can lower their score by spreading online rumors or failing to pay traffic fines, among other things. They become part of the digital underclass, and aren’t afforded the same perks as high-scorers, like being able to skip the airport security linehttps://t.co/fFWmijk4c9.
The system has even gone so far as to encourage people to befriend some individuals over others, in effort to boost their score. And if your score slips, prepare to be ostracizedhttps://t.co/fFWmijk4c9.
If this sounds a little like an episode of ‘Black Mirror’, you’re wrong. It is *exactly* like an episode of ‘Black Mirror’https://t.co/fFWmijk4c9.
It works like this: The better your reputation—achieved by things like having a PhD, who you associate with, and what you buy—the higher your social credit score. Those with high scores are given preferential treatment in societyhttps://t.co/fFWmijk4c9.
Cover Story: In China, the concept of “social credit” has hit the mainstream—where your purchases, activities, and even your mistakes get tallied into a score that quantifies your reputation https://t.co/fFWmij2sNz
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