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Alfonso Cuarón's epic film "Roma" is the biggest theatrical release @netflix has undertaken—nearly 600 theaters worldwide. But the process has laid bare some weaknesses in the company's offline strategy. https://t.co/z4XMIU3DEp
This robot learns the way everyone does: by failing : https://t.co/OWMNqd3jo1
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Holiday Sale--for a limited time, get a year of WIRED for just $5. https://t.co/0zBNaDtqOF Questions? Call 1-800-SOWIRED or email WIRcustserv@cdsfulfillment.com.
Lamborghini's new SUV fits plenty of kids and cargo but manages to keep the spirit of the supercar. https://t.co/laMCecJSNA
Technically speaking, AT&T is keeping its promise of launching a 5G network in 2018. But even if you're in one of the 12 cities it will soon offer the service, it could be some time before you can actually use it https://t.co/HH9yEVQlvW
RenderMan allowed effects artists to realize their visions without needing to write code. https://t.co/y8fRMEYrxf
Audi drivers could get the benefit of Luminar’s work before VW launches any full-on robo-cars. https://t.co/amD8d7n2yH
How science came around to using the spectral signature of a krypton atom to define the meter. https://t.co/ASJyl92Rau
Former Googler and Uberista Anthony Levandowski is back on the self-driving scene with a robot truck scheme that values camera and machine learning over lidar and detailed maps. https://t.co/mXLGyrCScE
At WIRED, we have the great privilege of getting to tool around with some of the coolest products on the market. And while the job is fun, we take it very seriously. https://t.co/cGSjj2JndE
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