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47 minutes
We may not be able to stop the future, but we can make it a whole lot better. https://t.co/0oOlcngGf7
53 minutes
When @jack co-founded Twitter 12 years ago, it was meant as a place for friends to share pictures of their lunch. “Now it’s become a place to launch nuclear war.” https://t.co/zLlZMokw3V
Jony Ive, chief design officer @Apple: Steve Jobs once said that we make something to try and express our appreciation for the species. For humanity. That’s exactly why we do what we do. Saying thank you to people you will probably never meet. https://t.co/pkLN79gRjY #WIRED25
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"Philanthropy can only scale so far," says Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. To prove it, he's throwing his support behind a San Francisco ballot measure to raise taxes on companies. #WIRED25 https://t.co/r96QsSihhT
"Philanthropy can only scale so far," says Salesforce CEO @Benioff. To prove it, he's throwing his support behind a San Francisco ballot measure to raise taxes for companies. #WIRED25 https://t.co/1tY9dOthGC
A simple YouTube search for CEO Susan Wojcicki yields some...unfavorable results. Wojcicki tackles the question on every YouTube user's mind: how can the company make its algorithm better? #WIRED25 https://t.co/sySVF74fZR
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Let’s try that again! We’re listening to the one and only @questlove from our #WIRED25 after party. https://t.co/6CLlhLIriC
Thanks for tuning in to our #WIRED25 festival! Enjoy some beats from @questlove. https://t.co/aCqUkmMJoR
.@sundarpichai: We are cautious about working with the military in areas where AI gets used with autonomous weaponry. And it’s not just a concern of employees—senior AI technicians share the same concern. If you’re so early in a technology, how do you use it responsibly? #WIRED25
We’re live with @sundarpichai, the CEO of Google, from our #WIRED25 summit in San Francisco. https://t.co/rFVk63RyPU
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