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Let's get you caught up on the security news of the week https://t.co/FbbJTQnbZL
Many of the world's unconnected people are worried about getting their basic needs met first. Accessing the internet may not be at the top of their minds https://t.co/DmaipKHS4y
Gone are the uncomfortable weeks spent breaking in new hiking boots! Technica's Forge GTX hiking boots are literally custom molded to fit your feet https://t.co/Tbs0Y8SP4F
Many of the proposed laws intended to stop people from accessing sexually explicit material on the internet are vague, cumbersome to implement, and fail to account for inevitable side effects https://t.co/tGc84sVlQ1
Cruise through the cosmos with this week's space photos https://t.co/gFuga7RmFl
"Science fiction isn’t only about thinking about alternate technologies or science concepts and so on, but it’s also about re-fashioning or re-imagining our futures, and the way we live. Imagining, for instance, what if things weren’t this way?” https://t.co/WiGyJ3AcZh
Sure, Trump could fire special counsel Robert Mueller. But here's what happens if he does https://t.co/aNGzksrj49
After a tragic crash last weekend, the Federal Aviation Administration has ordered the halt of open-door helicopter flights that use passenger harnesses without quick-release capability https://t.co/pz2ozyrWnl
Shiki might look like an ordinary bonsai, but it has traveled all over the world—and even into space! This well traveled tree is the work of Japanese floral sculptor Azuma Makoto, and photographer Shiinoki Shunsuke. See more of Shiki's adventures here: https://t.co/ZI2ZlrINuh
A surgical resident breaks down medical scenes from Film & TV
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