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#COVID19 live Q&A: How viruses enter the human population and how they can change over time. #AskWHO 

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#FluFactFriday : Flu vaccination has been shown in some studies to reduce severity of illness in people who are vaccinated but still get sick. Learn more abou #flu  vaccination benefits: #FightFlu 

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We got emails showing how Biden appointees greeted demoralized employees at federal agencies: 'These last 4 years have tested our faith in our government.' via @businessinsider 

What does $29B buy you in Big Pharma? In GlaxoSmithKline’s case, a whole lot of uncomfortable questions about the pipeline $GSK

Latest weekly figures for the reproduction number (R) and growth rate of coronavirus #COVID19 ) Statistics for England as of 22 January ▶️ R Number: 0.8 to 1 ▶️ Growth rate: -4% to 0% More info: ▶️

Mitch McConnell is literally using the filibuster right now to prevent the Democratic majority from taking control of the Senate's committees. Meanwhile, the GOP-controlled committees are slow walking confirmation of Biden's cabinet.

"Smallpox vaccines took over 150 years to eliminate the disease, and partly this was down to them being distributed unequally across the world." Consider if this was to happen again in today's world, the virus could potentially be re-imported constantly.

Trees may be much more resilient to future dry spells than scientists thought. Some grow so fast that they start to recover some of the trunk girth that had been lost as a result of the drought.

50 years ago two Americans, Isaac Tigrett & Peter Morton, couldn’t find a decent burger in London. 🍔 So, they opened a diner to make their own burgers! 🤘 Five decades on & the flavors are still iconic. Book for our limited-time menu: #HardRockHeritage 

"Listening to places is fundamentally important to us as human beings. We continue to search for ways to understand our relationship with these places and our identity, by preserving memories."

“R&D should be rewarded with risks,” Dolsten said, but added that when companies like Moderna are given huge lump sums, “we are doing R&D without the risks. For a pandemic, that may be OK, but it really isn’t the way we should use resources as a society”