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WHAS11 News
watch live uofl women s basketball head coach walz talks end of season
WATCH LIVE: UofL women's basketball head coach Walz talks end of season:

Latest news about UofL open

Tallahassee Democrat
time to tune in for no 22 fsu vs no 16 louisville basketball gonoles fsu acc uofl gocards
Time to tune in for No. 22 FSU vs. No. 16 Louisville basketball

#GoNoles #FSU #ACC #UofL #GoCards 🏀

Tallahassee Democrat
can fsu men s basketball knock off no 16 ranked louisville gonoles fsu acc gocards uofl
Can FSU men's basketball knock off No. 16-ranked Louisville?

#GoNoles #FSU #ACC #GoCards #UofL 🏀

Chris Williams
who do you think will replace bobby petrino uofl wakeup11 whas11
Who do you think will replace Bobby Petrino? #UofL #WakeUp11 @WHAS11
WHAS11 News
@WHAS11 6 months
live university of louisville press conference after firing bobby petrino uofl
Live: University of #Louisville press conference after firing Bobby Petrino #UofL
Chris Williams
uoflpresneeli now beginning her introduction of senatemajldr amp cia dir both of whom are uofl grads whas11
. @UofLPresNeeli now beginning her introduction of @SenateMajLdr & @CIA Dir, both of whom are #UofL grads. @WHAS11
Calgary Herald
players file harassment complaint against women s hockey coach at uofl yql
Players file harassment complaint against women's hockey coach at #UofL #yql
WHAS11 News
@WHAS11 10 months
uofl football coach bobby petrino has reacted to the stadium name change whas11
#UofL Football Coach Bobby Petrino has reacted to the stadium name change: #WHAS11
Calgary Sun
massive art collection donated to university of lethbridge yyc yql uofl
Massive art collection donated to University of Lethbridge #yyc #yql #UofL
Chris Williams
explains why most uofl board members amp officials decline comment on tom jurich settlement whas11
Explains why most #UofL board members & officials decline comment on Tom Jurich settlement. @WHAS11
Chris Williams
uofl settlement agreement w tom jurich pages 1 4
#UofL settlement agreement w/ Tom Jurich Pages 1-4
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Christopher Hayes
the second there is a democrat in the white house there will be a massive coordinated hysteria about the debt
The *second* there is a Democrat in the White House there will be a *massive* coordinated hysteria about the debt.
The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
just in judge says banks can give trump financial records to house democrats
JUST IN: Judge says banks can give Trump financial records to House Democrats
CBS Evening News
breaking cbs news has learned that a sixth migrant child died after crossing the us border an hhs official con
BREAKING: CBS News has learned that a sixth migrant child died after crossing the U.S. border, an HHS official confirmed Wednesday.

The 10-year-old girl's death had not been previously reported. More tonight, 6:30 p.m. ET
Reuters Top News
just in pentagon is considering a request to send 5000 additional us troops to the middle east amid tensions w
JUST IN: Pentagon is considering a request to send 5,000 additional U.S. troops to the Middle East amid tensions with Iran - officials
David Corn
in an odd move trump shifts his banking business from deutsche bank to a little known florida firm as his rela
In an odd move, Trump shifts his banking business from Deutsche Bank to a little-known Florida firm--as his relationship with Deutsche Bank comes under scrutiny.
@ajplus 1 hour
a 20 bill featuring harriet tubman will not be released in 2020 as planned the treasury dept delayed the redes
A $20 bill featuring Harriet Tubman will not be released in 2020 as planned.

The Treasury Dept. delayed the redesign as far back as 2028. If ever unveiled, it would be the first U.S. paper currency to feature an African-American.
Jamil Smith
i wrote about again his shuck and jive on capitol hill was not just an oreo ad it was a reminder why in a nati
I wrote about @SecretaryCarson again. His shuck-and-jive on Capitol Hill was not just an Oreo ad. It was a reminder why, in a nation was rich as ours, no one should be without housing. And surely, no one should have to rely upon a man like Carson for help.
Lou Dobbs
be with us tonight says enough is enough amp tells radical dimm leaders pelosi amp schumer they are done he wo
Be with us tonight – @realDonaldTrump says enough is enough & tells Radical Dimm leaders Pelosi & Schumer they are done. He won’t work with Dimms until they end their anti-@POTUS political harassment. Join Lou @ 7PM ET. #MAGA #Dobbs
Daniel Dale
this is extremely misleading there was a net decline in manufacturing jobs under obama biden but almost all of
This is extremely misleading. There was a net decline in manufacturing jobs under Obama-Biden, but almost all of it happened during the recession they inherited in 2009. There was an increase every year from 2010 through 2015. Official data:
Steve Herman
update deutschebank says it ll abide by the court order
Update: @DeutscheBank says it'll abide by the court order.
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