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When I moved to Seattle to work for Microsoft, I would never have imagined Bill and I dating, let alone falling in love and getting married. That’s been one of the best surprises of my life.

What have been some of the best surprises in your life?
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Happy #FoodieFriday! I'm daydreaming about my cruise with @VikingRiver and all the deliciousness I enjoyed on the cruise and wishing I was on board right now.... sigh
Read a#MyVikingStorynd cruise along the w#Danubeith me -> #Travel #Cruise
Introversion isn't a weakness or a character flaw & it's not something we need to fix. We think, listen & dream deeply & we have a lot to give—after we've given ourselves the time we need to reflect & recharge.

25 things introverts want you to understand
This is your periodic reminder that the barely coherent man speaking in the Rose Garden lost the presidential election by nearly 3 million votes.

The former acting attorney general is sticking around.
I’m going to repeat a thought from a while back. @michaelgove is far too bloody quiet. Having bravely led the Brexit charge he’s now calculating that, when the proverbial hits, he will be the palatable alternative to Johnson to succeed May. It’s always been about self interest.
Historians will rely on @ddale8's heroically patient Twitter coverage and meticulous fact-checking of all of Trump's speeches. A feat of superbly *basic* reportage, yet wonderfully readable

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.@MacLeodLisa and @DougFord2014 are are in the running for most offensive take on children wit#autismh . Call it a draw? b@TabathaSoutheyy vi@MacleansM@kathleenogradya#ASDga
💄 Why is there a craze for putting make-up on a potato? Make-up artists from across the world are getting creative
Pangolins are the world’s most trafficked mammal. Meet the brave people striving to save them. #WorldPangolinDay
27,938 used tampons and applicators are found on the world’s beaches every single day. Let’s change that
“We want kids to be successful; part of that is helping them get the food that they need so they can come to school ready to learn.” When students are hungry, they can’t pay attention and do their best in school. #BreakfastAfterTheBell ends this cycle. 👇
Acosta Channels The #ManufacturefCrisis Deranged Pelosi Talking Points

What Do You Say To Your Critics Who Claims You Are Concocting A #NationalEmergency To Get YOUR Wall⁉️

'Ask These Incredible Women #AngelMoms Who Lost Their Children' @realDonaldTrump
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