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Latest Scoops

JUST IN: Four people killed after driver loses control, car catches fire in Stark County soybean field
Manson: Columbine massacre 'destroyed' career https://t.co/RhkX6zYXPj
List: NFL players who protested on Sunday https://t.co/PSelyZuVh0
New travel restrictions for multiple countries https://t.co/0tzMVKxzRB
Police say Devantay Gilbert, 22, went missing Saturday morning at 8:20 a.m. https://t.co/hDY36Frzsp
Drivers are asked to find an alternate route. https://t.co/3xwLt4cwgD
Merkel likely to prevail in German elections https://t.co/61TBH33KoU
On Twitter, Nashville fire officials described it as a “mass casualty situation.” https://t.co/M221iLLX9z
NFL player stands alone for anthem https://t.co/cGOZmpHcwW
At just 6 years old, Braxton ran 9 races and raised nearly $4,000 for the family of a fallen Virginia State trooper. https://t.co/keS7ktsb3E
The NFL is going to run the ad on NBC's "Sunday Night Football" telecast tonight. https://t.co/qqnY1N11IC
NFL to air ad in response to Trump https://t.co/mo2dbjNnns
Stevie Wonder 'takes a knee' for America https://t.co/F1HBjBKbkh
The latest: Some Dolphins players wearing Kaepernick shirts https://t.co/8RLNXLcg92
The library isn’t trying to collect late fees. Good thing - they’d amount to almost $2,800! https://t.co/RHGylDVihO
Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam call President Trump's remarks 'misguided' and 'divisive' https://t.co/qXFFDHg5qW
Jags owner stands with players protesting anthem https://t.co/0yx53zIUNE
About two dozen players kneel for national anthem in London. https://t.co/m8ulx4lR8b
The accident caused a car to flip. https://t.co/xtFeiwwmBA
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