Trial to start for Georgia cop who shot naked, unarmed man

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Opinion | Kurt Bardella: Elijah Cummings died protecting democracy. Now Democrats must finish his fight. - @NBCNewsTHINK 

"A lot of people have been calling what Giuliani and Sondland and maybe Rick Perry and others did a shadow foreign policy. This isn’t foreign policy.. To me this looks like corrupt operations for financial and political gain." - Amb. Wendy Sherman

A wildlife photographer captured rare footage of a woman swimming with a sperm whale 🐋🏊‍♂️

For Trump, being president is his side hustle that he uses to make himself money

Watch: Armed robber refuses cash from elderly woman, kisses her forehead.

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Turkey is suspected of using white phosphorus against Kurdish civilians in Syria

#BREAKING EU sees 'no alternative' to retaliation after record US tariffs: official

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Just in: Turkish forces have reportedly shelled the northeast border town of Ras al-Ayn despite a 5-day truce agreed by Ankara and Washington.

These devices are vacuuming plastic from our oceans