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A judge ruled the state's ban on the sale of vaping products is "likely invalid" for medical marijuana patients. What does that mean for recreational marijuana customers?

After weeks of closed-door depositions, Democrats are planning open hearings this week about the Ukraine affair. Here's where the story stands — and what's coming next:

Many experts and parents are asking if active shooter drills, some complete with simulated gunfire, are doing more harm than good:

Massachusetts has the first jail in the country that's also a licensed methadone treatment provider:

It may be mid-November, but get ready for what will feel like mid-winter cold It's even possible that we will set records Wednesday and early Thursday:

Public impeachment hearings begin tomorrow. Here's who will testify and how the questioning will work:

Massachusetts college leaders are starting to speak out publicly about their concerns with the student visa system. More of their students are complaining the process is unpredictable and anxiety ridden:

As clashes between police and protesters in Hong Kong grow increasingly tense, the U.S. is urging both sides to "exercise restraint":

If elected, Pete Buttigieg would be the youngest president ever. But he still has a lot of work to do to win over young voters:


The Boston Globe is proposing a coordinated editorial response from publications across the U.S. to President Donald Trump's frequent attacks on the news media:

OPINION: "The whole idea that taxing super rich people will damage the economy, it turns out, is a myth perpetrated by … really rich people," writes . cc:

The Massachusetts House has voted to repeal a series of antiquated state laws, including an 1845 ban on abortion:

6 million years ago, giant otters weighing more than 100lbs lived in the wooded wetlands of China's Yunnan province:

In tossing out gun conviction, SJC says black men fleeing police is reasonable, given disproportionate # of stops:

JUST IN: Tom Magliozzi, one half of @cartalk , has passed away, NPR announces.

When scientist Mas Subramanian () accidentally discovered a new blue, he was hailed as a rock star in the world of colors. "Blue is the most difficult color to make,” he says:

A law reinstates German citizenship to Holocaust refugees and ancestors. More area Jews are seeking the citizenship

Olympic gymnast spoke with about how she addressed sexual abuse in her new book. Hear the full interview: