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"We're rated number one for being prepared" for the epidemic by @JohnsHopkinsSPH , says @POTUS .

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Many people tried to stop this catastrophe in Wisconsin today. And the GOP rammed it through. It is utterly shameful that the frontrunner in the Democratic Primary, Joe Biden, did not speak out against it and instead said it should be left to the GOP-stacked State Supreme Court.

Pres. Trump had plenty of clues that ‘his administration wasn’t ready for a pandemic’ — here’s a look at them and the very real consequences Americans now face

The Turkish parliament is considering an amnesty bill that would release 90,000 prisoners, but not include journalists.

Lockdown ends in Wuhan, China, where coronavirus outbreak likely originated

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Francis Ford Coppola once showed an interviewer the notes he took in adapting “The Godfather” for the screen — and the pitfalls he warned himself to avoid (like Italian characters “who-a talka-like dees ...”) Born today in 1939. 💯 (via @coenesqued )

Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil producer whose revenues have tumbled with the fall in oil prices, is seeking nearly $7 billion from lenders to fund its fight against COVID-19 and falling oil prices

The mess of the Wisconsin primary shows how the coronavirus pandemic can interfere with the election routine. Most voters and election boards aren't used to mail-in votes. If we want that in November, we need to prepare now. | Analysis by @ForecasterEnten 

Breaking: A federal appeals court allowed Texas to suspend most abortions during the coronavirus crisis, a move that could quickly send the issue to the Supreme Court

Trump decries IG report on hospital shortages as "another fake dossier"

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The foreign secretary says #BorisJohnson  is 'a fighter' and he is 'confident' the PM 'will pull through'